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Residential & Commercial Roofing services Near Me

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    October 5, 2019 6:10 PM EDT

    If you're not ready for a full new roof installation, no worries thanks to Service Near Me. The experienced roofer’s team of Service Near me will fix leaks and any damage your roof has sustained due to weather and age in order for your family to rest assured that they're protected.

    Service Near ME’s experienced and qualified roofers team can provide roofers services according to your needs and under your budget. Whether you want a new roof installation or are in need of roof repair, our team can provide you with premium-grade roofing materials and top-notch service. Just search "Roofers Near Me" and connect with our 24/7 available customers care number.

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    March 1, 2020 7:36 AM EST

    vinyl siding as been around since the 1960s, and it is growing in popularity each year. It was originally designed to be a re-cover siding, intended to be installed over the top of an existing water-tight siding material as a means of quickly enhancing the exterior of a house. Unfortunately, the easy application and relatively low cost enticed builders into using this material as a primary waterproofing material. At this time, nearly 30% of new homes now have vinyl siding.