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entatious because "it is always

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    October 4, 2019 3:33 AM EDT

    Speaking of Zhuge Liang, no one knows, no one knows. "Don't do it, die and die." Becoming his endorsement, he was called "Mr. Wolong" by the world. His story became a generation of stories. I appreciate his "intelligence" and appreciate his "loyalty." Zhuge is a family of evil spirits, and Zhuge Liang was born in a bureaucratic house. When Zhuge Liang was 16 years old, his talents gradually emerged. On weekdays, he read "Liang's Father", and he often compared himself with Guan Zhong and Le Yi. At that time, people were dismissive of him. Only friends Xu Wei and Cuizhou equal friends believed. His talent. Although other people do not believe in his talents, Zhuge Liang is not ostentatious because "it is always gold." Sure enough, the Western Han Dynasty Liu Beizhi Zhizhi Fu Han room, because of the lack of a virtue and annoyed. Recommended by Sima Hui and Xu Wei, Liu Bei went to find Zhuge Liang, and he had the story of "Three Gu Mao". "The world is rising and falling, and the husband is responsible." A doc, husband and woman weaving, living and working. But Zhuge Liang can't do it, the world is in chaos, and how can he be willing to have a talent, nowhere to realize his ambition. When Liu Bei came to invite him to calm down the world, a sage would find a Mingjun, such as a fish, how can he not be tempted? Zhuge Liang��s "three-point world" is a big policy for the next few decades Cheap Cigarettes. To this end, he confessed to Confucianism, persuaded Sun Quan, and Wu Wu resisted Cao. The three countries stood in order to stabilize the situation. Several famous battles fully reflected Zhuge Liang��s military talents such as "The Battle of Chibi", "Fire Burning Fu Wangpo" and "Seven Meng Meng" Wait. What I am most impressed with is his plan to retreat - "empty city plan." Zhuge Liang lost his strategic location because of the mistake of the horse--the street pavilion Newport Cigarettes Coupons, Wei will Sima Yi take advantage of the army to attract 150,000 to the west city where Zhuge Liang is located. Therefore, Zhuge Liang passed the order and hid all the flags. The soldiers did not move in the same place. They also asked the soldiers to open the four gates. On each gate, 20 soldiers were dressed as ordinary people and sprinkled water to sweep the streets. Zhuge Liang put himself on the crane, put on a high-strength towel, led two small bookboys, took a piano, sat down on the fence in front of the enemy building in the city, ignited the incense, and then slowly played the piano. . When Sima Yi was suspicious, he did not dare to enter, fearing the plot of Zhuge Liang. Zhuge Liang is using this feature, and will count on it, but instead retreats. It is no wonder that Zhou Yu issued a sigh: "It is not only a living Yu, He Shengliang!" This talent, this courage in addition to him who has it? Liu Bei before the death of Zhuge Liang assisted Shaodi Liu Zen, if Liu Zen is not talented, they will take their own. Zhuge Liang said that "the minister must exhaust the power of the stock market and serve the loyalty of the festival until the death!" Although Liu Chan was incompetent, Zhuge Liang also fulfilled this promise perfectly, for the "six out of the mountains" and "the seven monks" But the Northern Expedition failed. In the end, he died five times, at the age of fifty-four. Until the death, I still remember the fulfillment of Liu Bei��s wish. I promised that Jiang Wei��s secret would not be lost Cigarettes For Sale, and that the wooden man would be in the army. This is his last retreat. A generation of great men, it is a pity! His eldest son Zhuge Zhan and his long-time Zhuge Shang together died in the battle of Mianzhu. Their family thoroughly explained that "Zhong" Sima Yi called him an ancient genius. Kangxi Emperor said that he is unparalleled in the world. Loyalty. Such Zhuge Liang, "not indifferent to Mingzhi, non-quiet and far-reaching." Zhuge Liang, such as Zhuge Liang, "three divisions according to the plan, Wan Guyun and a feather" such as Zhuge Liang, "Before the teacher did not die, the hero died in tears!" Zhuge Liang, who left in literature, military and history A strong stroke.

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