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Flowers fall, silent.

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    September 16, 2019 11:27 PM EDT

    Flowers fall, silent. But "the red is not a ruthless thing, it is turned into a spring mud to protect the flowers. In fact, a person's life should be like a flower. It is the flower of our life. Some people's flowers of life are a plum Unyielding, unyielding, brave and standing, giving everything for the revolutionary cause of the motherland; there is also a flower of life, a peony, good fortune, brilliant bloom, contributing to the high-tech development of the motherland. But we are not I want to be a valuable flower, and I only want to make an unknown wild flower in the foothills. But I must do it, turn it into a spring mud, and protect the life of many people, all of them are considering a problem. That is In fact Cigarettes For Sale, at the beginning, I didn��t know the answer. Until later, after reading the verses of Gong Zizhen, I made a perfect answer to this question. People are living to make others happier. The life of a happier life is not how many years old you have; the value of life does not lie in how rich it is before you were born Wholesale Cigarettes. It is whether you have contributed to others and made others happier and more Blessing, keep yourself in your heart forever. In this way, isn��t our life extended? Is it more valuable, forever living in the world? Just like a small flower in the mountains, life is in the unknown place, Endless contributions, but do not seek a trace of return. Flowers such flowers, such people, is not worthy of our admiration forever, forever respect let us do such a small flower silent, forever living in the world. "It's a rainy day, the autumn rain deprives me of my inner happiness. A butterfly has been wet by her autumn rain, but it is still a strong flight, flying to a leaf that is about to wither away from the rain---- More, the pedestrians on the road, very few, very few. Flowers, grass, by the wind can not help but bend down the waist, shed the crystal tears, the wind is bigger mother" "Mom" this piece is about to fade The leaves screamed at the mother of the tree. "What's wrong, my child?" I have a beautiful little butterfly under my stomach. "Oh, what happened to her little butterfly's body seems to be weak, I am fine, no, no matter what I thank you, beautiful little butterfly, why?? "Because you let me see what is really strong, I Guess you should thank you, you shelter me from the wind and rain, how can I not say thank you "rain----the bigger the bigger, the more thunder----the more the more loud, the electric----the more the brighter the body of the butterfly It is getting weaker and weaker Cheap Cigarettes. At this moment, the autumn rain has left without saying goodbye, but it left behind, but it was a night after the violent devastating wan of a butterfly in the many times of the wind. Rain. Lei. The wings of the flower were broken. The year is coming. The butterfly climbed to her partner--the side of the leaf that was there, and the leaves had already withered. The butterfly knew that he could not fly, he could only be starved to death, he insisted. Wait quietly, wait for the leaves to grow again. But----he hasn't waited until this day,-----destroyed a gust of wind and swept away with the butterflies and leaves. I started flying again, but this is her heart flying, flying without wings, flying foreve
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