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    September 2, 2019 3:28 AM EDT

    Maybe only the sunset remembers, it is always dusk at that time, maybe only the water remembers, the figure is always on the shore. A dream-seeking teenager and his brown guitar and water wrote the name of the mourning teenager named Peak, a second-year student. Oh? Why not go boating in the complicated sea of ??books, be active on the wide course Wholesale Cigarettes, and sit alone on the quiet river bank? This peak is also unclear, why did he choose guitar and loneliness. His sports and skills are not bad, and his study is also very good, but he always feels suffocated for the wind in the city, and he thinks of a clean situation, so he will be in the shore covered with light green light, even though This may not be why his other shore to the peak of why he loves the guitar, it is even more embarrassing. It��s because of curiosity, no, it��s listening to the performance of the old wolf��s ��You at the same table��. It��s not clear. It��s the first time to listen to the ��Tang Dynasty��. No, it��s on the silver screen to see those music teenagers on the seashore Online Cigarettes. Your body and mind are completely handed over to the blue sky and the blue waves. In this way, Feng obsessed with the guitar and fell in love with water and sunshine. So every afternoon in the afternoon, the convenience of the water with the arrival of a small guitar hand is a very late evening, the sun is still very bright, shining with dazzling light. The breeze on the shore gently transported a crisp note, and flew around with the dream of dandelion in the wind. The peak sat on a raised stone, holding the guitar in his hands, leaning on the leg of a pair of faded jeans, watching the other side, swaying the strings, and a light and elegant song slowly flowing out. . He seemed to have nothing in his eyes at the moment, and he seemed to have a deep attachment, like a dragonfly touching the surface of the water as he flew over the deep mirrored lake, and there was a trace of silk slowly spreading around. The other side of the shore that floated to the near and ethereal... The sun was very passionately hitting the surface of the water, shining with countless bright stars thrown in all directions, falling on the childish and deep face of the peak, and That firm look merged together. Time is no longer nothing, there are countless notes to embrace it; the waves will not be alone, and there is a pure and firm heart to accompany it to the ends of the earth Marlboro Cigarettes. Every note that was uploaded from that string was completely dissolved in time and dissolved in the air and water waves. Not far from the tree, a green leaf is also intoxicated, fluttering into the vortex of the river, and smashing with the waves... The sunset will forget to go home?
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