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    September 2, 2019 3:28 AM EDT

    I used to want to write a praise song for my family, but how can I not write a pen? When is it written? There is nothing special about writing a mountain in your hometown. There is neither the majesty of Mount Tai and the gentle and gracefulness of the Jinan hill by Lao She, but a few small hills lying on the irregularly. A few ordinary trees are swaying in the wind on the hillside, and some places are even bare. Write water, there is nothing special about the water, the river bends slowly around the town, and as the season changes, it is clear when it is clear, it makes a different sound, never seen it screaming majesticly Online Cigarettes. There is no gentleness that touches people. What do you write? I have been thinking about taking the test, I took my bags and went to the county. In the past month, I have tasted the prosperity of the county town and the flowers and trees on the street. I felt a loss for the first time. I remembered my home, remembered the mountains of my hometown, and remembered the water in my hometown. At the end of the first month, I couldn��t wait to climb the public car home. The first wish to return home was to write a hymn to my hometown. Unfortunately, my mood was vague and not shaped, so I had to die now. I finally left my parents for a long time and lived in this distant place. As time passed by, my love for my family was stronger every day. The vague mood is getting clearer and clearer. The water that settled in the mountain from a small point is often jumped out at this time. I am alone. I remember when I was young, my companion and I chased on the hillside. play. We picked a lot of wildflowers and made them into many garlands Newport 100S. I put them on my head and played the gentle and beautiful Snow White. When the princess was tired, she went into the grass with her companions and caught it, listening to it singing. Sometimes I bring a basket of mushrooms. There are so many mushrooms, so tired that we have to spend a lot of effort to move home, not to mention the fun in the river. The joy of playing with me and my friends in the water and surfing is really endless. Sometimes catch crabs in the cracks in the water and catch shrimps. We are often caught cold by the crabs. We are not even angry at all, no one is hurting, but also laughs straight and feels very fun. A lot of crabs are taken home and the adults are fried. Hey, that taste, I really want to be able to go back to the village immediately, go to the river to catch some, and follow the old method of the past to fry, and taste good. I think, I may have been wandering in the field all my life. In the future, can I get out of the emotional lingering of my hometown? Perhaps the love of my hometown will be like me, and I can walk out of my hometown, but I will never be able to live out of my hometownOh, my forever nostalgia
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