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    August 20, 2019 9:22 PM EDT

    Said that there is a toeless bird, flying in the wind, sleeping in the clouds, eating in the sky, the day of landing, that is the day when its life is over. Since then, I have liked this bird, just as I pin my hopes on the idyllic songs of literature. I have been running for this toeless bird, in the dream of the soul. Even if it is a thousand years, go ahead. A sloshing, ten years passed. See you in ten years. I found that I had never been so sloppy, I woke up from a dizzy sleep, opened my eyes, only myself in the house, and a broken square table less than one meter high. I can't see the bustling dreams, then I woke up and woke up completely. Every time I wake up, my memory reminds me, like in the turbulent street center, a child who watches the traffic flow from side to side again and again, and screams of horror. I close my eyes, literature, calligraphy, painting, design, music... those indefinite art faces are free of smiles. According to my age at the age of twenty-two, if literature becomes the only thing of life, it is only a memory, and it can't control the other things that the commandment can get. Right and let me fix myself, and dream again without a toe bird! ? Open the window facing the street, only half a day, has dry lips, dry eyes, swollen, unfortunate, forgot where. Yes, it is time to go out. In the past, the university campus, a few corners crowded with a few students, holding a textbook in his hand, and did not move, with a slap in the face, betrayed himself; replaced me, I never reached such a high Realm. I am silent for me Cigarettes Online. This mourning is because many people have talked with me. Therefore, I dare to hide in the slogan of Mr. Shen Bao��s duty room. I haven��t been in class for a few days, and the professor must have missed me in my heart, but I really don��t want to imprison myself easily. I don��t like to do things. Youth is the best capital! With such an idea, as a person in real life, I know that it is a sign of inferiority. The facts are also true. After a week, even the page maker will not operate. I barely chose an inch photo. It is a comfort to myself before graduation. I rinsed at the nearby photo studio. The host asked me what my name was; My surname is Shi." I said, try not to spit out the "full name" owner behind and ask. "Shi Wei." At this time, someone immediately noticed me. "You are Shi Yu! Long time," said one student. My face burns like charcoal, but the more it is, the other people think that I am humble. In fact, what humility do I have? At one time, I was often taken to participate in an activity, and I had to talk about it. My pain was not advertised by facial expressions. I knew that I was a ordinary person like a peaceful mortal. As a facade, I am afraid I have to mix for another 20 years or even longer. I wrote the plaques of the six characters of the "First-line Astronomical Society", and everything that I struggled to create was smashed, leaving me with only one body and a mentally ill virus. A friend told me proudly that he now ran to the cafeteria and asked ten people to ask. Eight people knew my name. "Yes? Just like eight of the ten people know that the other name of the cockroach is called Wang Ba." I smiled bitterly. Friends laugh too. But I am fortunate. When everyone is writing, shouting, and yelling at "Shi Lang," my most fascinating professors are convinced that they are in the middle of the third year. "Oh," and there is a foresight that I expect to publish a book someday Wholesale Cigarettes, and declare it to me in advance; then send her two books, do not forget to add one, one of which is for her son. At this time, I started planning this book. It��s not easy to write down everything, and there is no table for me to write a book in my house. I have compiled all the manuscripts from 1996 to 2005, no matter how good or bad. More than sixty of the most representative works, in terms of artistic standards, the good and the bad, can not pass my current eyes, fortunately, I do not want to use this book as the final masterpiece, and can represent me at that time Style, even if the language is young, even if it is simple, it is still selected. In the rest, I refrained from the past styles, and incorporated the language of his poetry, the plot of the novel into the prose, and created his own artistic features, which eventually became myst, I finally completed the final step of the book - binding design Newport Cigarettes Coupons. In the end, the literary review of the decade has come to an end. I don't know how the new year will be. How will I face life and what kind of words I will make. Every time I sit at the table, all kinds of thoughts I have mourned in the past, I will give you time to spare, and I will not be afraid. I am afraid that if I am going to hell and waiting for rebirth, what will be changed after the resurrection, perhaps only the reader can comfort me most. . If I have been a geese, I only fly with the toe-free birds, and I have been dreaming for a few years. Where is my place to stay.
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