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    August 17, 2019 2:53 AM EDT Weeks of excruciating pain while remaining totally alive. The best spiritual experience I have had in ten over years. Perhaps my entire life. Amazing! 3. When emotional pain occurs one can not succumb to those who are not able to deal with their own pain. I was very careful not to share my pain with people that would tell me, "Well, let me help you alleviate your pain." Or, "Come on, Harold, move on." Or, "Harold, you'll be ok!." Or, "Harold, you don't need this BS, anyway!" Or, "Harold, you are a good guy, you don't deserve that!" Or, worst yet, "Harold, you are hurting, uh? Well, you did it to yourself. You are "one penny too short and one minute too late. Face it up boy!" (Ouch!) I kept saying to myself, "I will only call or talk to friends that will allow me to experience my pain fully."