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Portable Stone Crusher Machine

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    August 12, 2019 4:07 AM EDT

    Portable stone crusher plant is a series of rock and construction waste crushing equipment developed by our company. Its appearance greatly expands the concept of crushing operation. Portable crusher plant can be equipped with equipment such as E-break, counter-break and cone break according to production demand. Its design concept eliminates the obstacles brought by fragmented sites, environment, complex infrastructure and complex logistics to customers'fragmentation operations, and truly provides customers with efficient and low-cost hardware facilities for project operation. In the production line, the feed size required by the portable crusher plant is between 1-750 mm, and its production capacity can reach 90-450 t/h. It is mainly used in mining ore crushing, construction waste recycling, construction aggregate production, highway, railway, road and bridge construction and other industries.

    2. Product Performance Characteristics

    (1) Diversification of mobile and flexible combination

    The portable crusher plant has compact structure and strong stability, so that the crushing station can meet the demand of maneuverability both on the work site and on the highway. Various types of machines can be quickly combined with other models to meet the different needs of production operations.

    (2) Operation directly and effectively reduces material transportation costs

    Each type of combined operation can crush materials on site. After crushing and screening, the finished products of materials can directly meet the customer's requirements. It also eliminates the intermediate link of re-crushing materials from the work site, which greatly reduces the transportation cost of materials.

    (3) Customization on demand with strong adaptability

    The portable stone crusher can be equipped with independent generators, even if the local power grid can not be used, the machine can still operate normally. At the same time, our company can customize the portable crusher plant according to the customer's site, material, particle size and other requirements.

    (4) Reliable performance and convenient maintenance

    The portable crusher plant adopts excellent crusher, vibrating screen and feeder with stable and reliable quality. Based on years of manufacturing experience of portable crusher plant, the crushing station has mature technology, simple operation and convenient maintenance.