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In childhood memories

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    August 4, 2019 11:32 PM EDT

    In childhood memories, there is a childhood playmate, and sometimes I will remember her in my spare time. She and I are in the same class. A baby face is small and beautiful, and often sits silently in a corner, never attracting the attention of others. She is quiet and quiet, not as loud as some of her classmates. Our personality does not know when it is natural to play together. We have become inseparable friends, we go to school together, there are endless whispers on the way to school. We play together and have endless fun in our world. Our best place to go is in the back yard of her home. I remember that there were a lot of places in her home. There were a few empty gardens surrounded by earthen walls. There were many trees planted in it. In the summer, I walked into the trees to cover the sky, and the secluded and quiet was very cool. There are also a few rare trees, a wooden raft, a velvet tree and a saponin tree. The wooden scorpion is full of tree flowers in the spring, and the purple hibiscus flowers exude a charming aroma. When the hibiscus falls, we pick up the petals and put them in the book to make specimens. Our books have also become fragrant. The favorite is the velvet tree, the luxuriant branches stretched around, and the tiny leaves tiled on top of the branches, green like clouds. Even more curious is that when the velvet is open, the velvet flowers of the trees are like the bright sunset of the sky, and the whole garden is red. The breeze blows through the scattered needles, as if a pink carpet is laid under the tree. We sat on the carpet and smashed the fluffy flowers on the floor, made beautiful pompoms, inserted them in the bun, and put them into a beautiful necklace and put them on the neck. Not to forget the fruity saponin tree, the small saponin slowly grows up in our expectation, and will receive a few baskets of saponins every year. It is used by rural people for washing and washing. Good cleaning agent. Remember that we touched the beef der the tall tree, climbed the treetop to find the meat cowhide (����), and hung a piece of meat and cowhide in a string under the eaves. It is said that it can sell money, but I don��t remember to sell it. Over. Take a cool ride under the trees on a sunny day and hide under the trees on rainy days. I circled my home under the tree with mud Newport Cigarettes. She circled her home under the tree. The 'home' is decorated like gardens with flowers and leaves in the garden. This may be the future of our imagination. s home. A curved road was built between us, and the leaves were inserted into the leaves to become tall and straight poplars. We walked on the tree-lined road and went to the other side��s home to enjoy each other��s homes. Give the other party a gift. The innocent childhood was easily slipped away in this play, and our childhood fun game was unforgettable. When I was in junior high school, I entered the county and went to school. She dropped out of school. Since then we can no longer meet again. After attending the work, there was less chance of meeting, until I heard the news of her marriage, I suddenly remembered that I should go to see my childhood playmates. At this time, time often does not belong to oneself, but when I dragged on and heard her news, it shocked me. She has a problem with her spirit. I can't figure out the innocent little girl in my heart. I have a story that is hard to tell, so that I can get myself into it and can't go back to my family. It is still early after dinner, and I go out unconsciously to that. The garden of a long time went, but the street was not the street of the year, and the house was not the house of that year. What about the garden? What about the lush velvet tree? There is no trace, I am lost, and the situation of the year is hard to find. The playmates who have not seen each other for a long time have already married far away from home, and the things have changed and they are full of emotions. But that accidental meeting made me unforgettable. It was on the street of my hometown, and there was a woman walking on the head. When she approached, I recognized that it was her. Her pretty face was a little pale, and the melancholy expression added a lot of helplessness. But dressing up is still fit, and I don't see any problems. She walked forward without a word. When I was about to say hello, she suddenly looked up and laughed at the sky. Her action scared me. When I didn��t respond, she quickly took a smile and looked ahead. I discovered this. She didn't see me at all. As always, she walked forward. When she didn't go far, she once again looked up and laughed. Then she immediately took a smile. This way, she walked and laughed all the way. If no one saw this scene, my heart was fierce. Trembling. God, still you? My friend, my girlfriend, the childhood playmate I have forgotten about the day and night, what makes you immersed in the self and can't extricate yourself. Maybe you have no sorrow at this time, and the endless troubles are far away from you. But you can't see the world's red and green eyes with your eyes open, but you can't hear the birds singing in the trees. Everything around you has nothing to do with you Marlboro Cigarettes. You no longer care about the changes in the four seasons. Looking at the back of your far away, I burst into tears. I want to work together to build a house Wholesale Cigarettes, and yearn for the future of our future. In the yard of my house, there is the rose you sent. In your yard, there is a lotus flower that I gave away. What is the winding road between us? What is the tall and beautiful poplar on the roadside? You have not waited for the road between the two of us to walk through, you are immersed in the endless world of self, what can I save you and my friends? I know that my meager strength can't save your lost soul, but I believe that your savior is yourself. You must walk out of the mud of this life, without having to avoid bold confrontation, correctly treat everything in reality, and rebuild your beauty. Home. This is your friend��s wish for you!
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