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The first woman

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    August 4, 2019 11:23 PM EDT

    The first woman, the thin queen: Although she did not have the objective conditions and subjective ability to surround Han Jingdi. However, the existence of the thin queen prevented Li Jing, the most beloved of Emperor Jing, from being a queen while his son was established as a prince. In this way, Liu Qi��s mother, Wang Meiren, won two years of precious time, and she can marry the long princess, and she can leave Li Ji and Han Jingdi. My evaluation of her: The thin queen is just a thin queen, in order to want to let his grandparents and grandchildren enjoy the glory and wealth in the future, like the future, to the emperor to marry, the hand-picked Prince, and then all the way to the queen's poor The man was gone, she couldn��t get a glimpse of King Jing��s love, and she couldn��t give birth to a child. She was just a poor chess piece. Naturally she was finally abolished and finally went to a tragic ending! The second woman, Wang Meiren: On the way to the throne of the emperor Carton Of Cigarettes, she walked four steps. The first step is to follow the mother's life. The second step is to win the favor. The third step is to cleverly rely on the mountain. The fourth step, self-hype, my evaluation of her: Wang Meiren is really not very simple. The four steps she took can be described as step by step. If there is a slight mistake, it may cause the danger of killing and even destroying the danger of the nine people. The cleverness, ambition, and courage that existed in this period are really shocking. Such a woman, she has such a big ambition, the reason why she dares to take such a dangerous chess, in addition to her mother's unique vision, the most important thing is that she has the ability to achieve her ambition. For her, I admire the five bodies. However, while admire her, I said that it is difficult for her to realize her ambition and leave her husband and children. If a person can achieve his own purpose, he can leave his most close relatives, and he can use whatever means. Woman, too terrible! The third woman, Li Ji: Jing Di Tuo Gu, originally said a few warm words to him, waiting for the emperor to return to the West and then settled after the fall, it is not too late. But Li Ji Ji tempered, you usually pet this pet, now you are not in the air, want to cut off, I want to take care of them, I will not do it! Li Ji really can't cope with the complicated court struggle. My evaluation of her: Li Ji is not a bad woman, she lacks wisdom. She does not have a deep city and meticulous thinking, and does not know how to endure, her eyes are too short, her mind is too narrow, so it is easy to be embarrassed, these doomed her last depressed and dead tragic ending fourth woman, long princess Liu Wei: Liu Wei is a person who is greedy and greedy Marlboro Lights. In order to let her daughter Chen Ajiao become a queen in the future! First, she planted the seeds of Han Jingdi��s resentment against Li Ji. In addition, the long princeseedy, this is already a wealthy person, can enjoy the wealth in his life, but still does not know how to meet, but it is undeniable, she has a certain mentality, and Wang Meiren The fifth woman who is seamless, Dou Taihou: Dou Taihou is both "greedy" and "hegemony." The eldest son is already an emperor, and I want my youngest son to be an emperor too! Dou Taihou wants his son Liu Wu to be the emperor, and Han Jingdi also wants to establish his son as the king! However, the Queen Mother Dou only postponed Wang Meiren's canonization of the Queen, delaying Liu Qi's cancellation of the Prince, and could not fundamentally prevent this process. My evaluation of her: Dou Taihou played the role of a clown on the road of Emperor Wu. It��s true that you love your little son, but don��t lose your sense of reason, do stupid things that deviate from reality, and finally feel that Liu Che can become the seventh emperor of the Han Dynasty: I always feel that Liu Che can be the emperor and today��s 100 million lottery Marlboro Cigarettes. The probability is as small. It is luck to be lucky to win the prize today. What can the Emperor of the Emperor rely on? It is undeniable that luck is very important, but I think that more is the result of the influence of these five important women. It��s amazing to read, it��s incredible. If one of the links is wrong, will the fate of the characters change over and over again, is this history re-interpreted? These are the deep palace winners who surround the imperial power and can even dominate who is the next emperor. I think that their wisdom can be compared with the emperors of the world. History is really shocking!
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