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Some Procedures of Decreasing the Beneficiation Ratio

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    July 24, 2019 10:31 PM EDT

    Beneficiation ratio is definitely the ratio in the ore focus bodyweight and the elected wonderful focus, which happens to be the raw ore concentrate bodyweight a median good concentrate required. The size of beneficiation ratio displays the utilization degree of useful resource and beneficiation expenses. As a result, analyze tips on how to decrease the beneficiation ratio incorporates a pretty true perception. Lessen beneficiation ratio might be made the decision through the beneficiation ratio’s three elements: the original, fine and tailings grade, to itemize and improve the ore grade plus the magnetic iron share and lower grade tailings, so as to achieve the beneficiation ratio of grinding election system. (1) Improve the uncooked ore grade, stabilize the magnetic iron share Based on the production of geological exploration data, you can optimize the stope blasting design and be reasonable with mine, control the ore grade of stope, reduce the share on the ore grade and magnetic iron fluctuation. Another, optimize the dry separation operations of Construction Waste Crusher , early throw out the surrounding rock and low grade, low share of magnetic iron ore, and improve the grade and magnetic iron share of total iron ore into the mill to create the conditions for lowering the beneficiation ratio and lowering reactive grinding and separation consumption. (2) Stabilize focus grade Fast, accurate and reliable detection of the concentrate grade plays an important role in knowing the on-site production well. You can use the iron slurry online grade analyzer to timely and effectively detect the fantastic concentrate grade. Track the ore quality and ore properties, again have the ore blending after the mining and before the mill election, to the difficult dressing or easy beneficiation, you should adjust it in advance to avoid focus quality fluctuations. (3) Reduce tailings grade Strengthen the maintenance and management work with the twisted cage and crushing ball clean-up work, increase the concern about magnetic declination of magnetic separator in the production to ensure that the magnetic declination is in the scope of your requirement and ensure the sorting effect and uninstall effect. Further, to the magnetic strength measurement of your separator roller ensures that field strength on the drum met the requirements, and guarantees the normal work gap of your magnetic separator through the serious measurement. Finally, it needs timely to repair the wear tank and decrease the tank leaking mine.