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    July 20, 2019 2:57 AM EDT

    Is the man always going to the distance / going to the distance is to make life more brilliant / on the rugged road / young eyes filled with dreams and more thoughts / whether walking alone or companion / let each footprint be solid And have strength / we learn to suffer pain / learn to collect tears like pearls / store tears on the day of success flow / that day / even if it flows a sea / we learn to misunderstand / learn to live The bitter wine is slowly tasted as a drink / no matter how many grievances and hardships life has passed / we always wake up with a vibrant face / every morning / we learn to treat rumors / learn to calmly and calmly face the world The vicissitudes of life are stunned and not horrified Carton Of Cigarettes, and there is no reason to add it without anger. This is our great courage / our cultivation / we learn to fight for the night / life is short / the road is long / we go and cherish every scenery / us We are constantly walking / walking non-stop, we have become a scenery / going to the distance / from teenagers to youth / from youth to old age / we are from the stars to the evening Cheap Cigarettes. This is a Wang Guozhen wrote "Going into the distance ", very loved Poem, this poem has influenced me, from high school to university, now and then. The enlightenment it gives us is far-reaching. It inspires us to work hard, not willing to be mediocre, not willing to be forever eternal... Even if we want to go to the place, since the goal is the horizon, we will leave the wind and rain behind us. , life, you should strengthen your beliefs and continue to pursue, to struggle, to fight the alarm clock, loose and fascinating eyes, summer sun slanting over, is a full of vitality, but also an exciting One day, I trembled to the lazyness of my vacation yesterday. I still have to go to the cloud of a class, and after breakfast, I am more energetic. Facing the punch card machine, I used to put on a scissors hand and said to the punch card machine: Hey! Open the machine should also be: drop! Then you have to start a busy and busy day. Our work is working round and round, busy, repeating the repetition of yesterday, and the work is repeated, but our thoughts are definitely not repeated. What we think is how to do better work and how to do it more perfect. We are determined that one day we will have extraordinary performances in our ordinary posts, and we will strengthen our lives and strengthen our firmness Newport 100S. Yes, I know, if you can, we are willing to do whatever we want, do not have to get up early, do not have to look at the boss's eyes, after the setbacks, do not pay attention to what "more and more frustration", "failure is the mother of success", then kneel down to embrace the double It��s good to heal your legs slowly... However, we know more deeply that even if there are a thousand reasons for us to dim, we will choose a strong face once, because we have always strengthened our firmness. I can choose, I hope to sleep naturally, I have enough energy to face all the daily chores; if I can choose, I hope to have a weekend break, three or five friends meet a slow life, to experience Time is thin; if you can choose, I hope to make my footprints more widely involved in the motherland without being overly bound. However, every day we still need to strengthen our beliefs, because we still have dreams waiting for us to achieve. Even in the blink of an eye, a hundred reluctant struggles to get up in the bottom of my heart, but we still have to use the speed of flying to solve the washing and brushing, and live a state of snoring and rhythm without a rest, dragging the tired body. The eyelids are fighting, the lazy spirit is silently protesting, I am just a piece of walking meat. Once, get enough rest, let the body and mind get the nourishment of the sun and the rain, the young heart quickly restores its elasticity, sweeps away the negative emotions, and once again invests in the work of the wind and fire. Since life allows us to make choices, we should be firm in our beliefs after making our choices. I have always liked Xu Sanduo in "Soldier Assault". He became a leader among the soldiers from one of the most embarrassing soldiers. "Do not abandon, do not give up" is his belief, but also our belief in learning. Faith is not something that comes out of it. It is made. Glory lies in dullness. The arduous thing is that long-term daily work will be boring for a long time, long roads and no light objects. Therefore, it is a real professional who can repeat everything well. Success is a simple matter that is repeated and repeated. This is simple and difficult to do. Why Xu Sanduo can succeed is his attitude towards things; he is the spirit of not arguing Parliament Cigarettes, not complaining, or giving up; it is his simplicity, kindness, insensitivity, seriousness, perseverance, perseverance, sense of crisis, team spirit; I have been steadfast in my conviction that my firm beliefs are flowing, my heart is floating, and where is the road? A firm belief, collapsed in the bottom, stubborn tears, overflowing eyes, isolation, helplessness, confusion, frustration, loss, bitterness, coke, sputum, many emotions began to fill my chest slowly, it is me Ignore the weight of my dreams, or look down on the rain and snow in my life. Is it that I am lost in the direction of the move, or because the Hee Hee is good for the future, all of which are profitable, vicissitudes, helplessness and tasting; The gaze reveals the helplessness of the helplessness. The mournful expression pours on the sentiment of destiny. Isn��t it like this, with the waves sinking and stagnation, is it just like this, let those eyes full of expectation flash with disappointment No, never firm belief, the road is ahead, let this turbid torrent wash away my former ignorance, let this sudden storm take my young frivolity, spur the horse, wind and waves, I want to The low head is barely leaning up, just as I am silently accumulating energy in this dark world, let me quietly and smooth the wounds in this rolling torrent. Today��s silence is only waiting for Lebanon. The dawn of Ming, the pain of yesterday is the strength of the smelting will. From then on, I will not sing the song of spring in the snow, nor in the sac in the sun, whether you are a squally shower, or a storm, how far is the pipeline, how long the dream is, even if it is full of thorns, Full of hustle and bustle, the footprints of the bloody color are still firm and sturdy, so that the tenacious soul, sitting in the front of the Buddha as a lotus flower, will adhere to the belief Newport Cigarettes, light the candle in the heart, stand still in the flood, still feel The blood of the cockroach is flowing, perhaps the blush is in front, let the original passion swell, use the language of the poem, brighten the face on the other side, the beauty of victory, quietly bloom on the edge of the torrent!
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