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    July 5, 2019 9:26 PM EDT

    After the first spring rain, during the Qingming holiday, I was fortunate enough to come to Changchun Park to take a breath, breathe the air after the spring rain, refreshing and pleasant, walking in the quiet road of the park, any silky wind, blowing Hair, touch the face, take a tender branch Carton Of Cigarettes, smell the fragrance of spring, indulge in the green color, hold a warm sun, brighten the mood, the heart is full of spring Cigarettes For Sale, full of fragrance and erosion Wholesale Cigarettes. In the park, although the flowers and trees have just begun to sprout, but this kind of scenery, but did not affect the mood of visitors, the endless stream of people leisurely and leisurely, bathed in the spring. In one of the parks, the most striking thing is the sky, the colorful kites flying in the sky, between the blue sky and the white clouds, they are in different forms, accompanied by white clouds, dancing with the breeze, in Under the refraction of the sun, a beautiful scenery is beautiful, and the spring of April is beautiful. This beautiful scenery attracted many people to stop and watch. At this time, looking at the beautiful kite, the ear suddenly remembered an old song, and again, on March 3, the kite flew into the sky... the song was in my mind. Surrounded by thoughts, the thoughts of the soul touched the thoughts of the soul, fluttering in memory, the scene of silence, and the past in the season, the heart flies with the time, fixed in the most beautiful time of youth, looking for lost in the flow of years At that time, the innocence of the depths, at the time of the Mood, I was in junior high school. We learned an article about kites in the text. The contents of the article infected the students, kites, for us after 60, in seven For the rural children who read at the end of the decade, kites are a dream. Like a legend, we have never seen a real kite. What we have seen is everything described in the book. The feeling of happiness after the kite is released is in Constantly urging the curiosity of the students. We decided to make a kite ourselves. After the teacher knew the thoughts of the students, he personally helped us to make a five-pointed star with a hemp, using a paste and a piece of paper to paste a little color on the periphery of the figure. The paper outlines the color of the pattern, and the ribbon is made of colored silk. In our eyes, the kite full of mystery is born Online Cigarettes. Also in this April weather, there were teachers and classmates gathered in the playground after lunch. These children living in the countryside wanted to witness the moment when the kite flew. The students flew on the playground under the guidance of the teacher. Unfolding the hands and flying the kite of dreams. The kite floats in the wind, soars in the blue sky, rises in the warm sun of spring, and the blue sky holds the silhouette of the kite. It also reflects a smile of tenderness and a stubborn obsessive smile. The students cheer and jump. Hug and hug each other Marlboro Lights, the kite flew up, the kite flew up, and the cheers of joy floated in the spring sky. The long-running roundabout is on and off campus. At this time, we not only released the kites, but we also released our dreams and hopes. The students swear in unison, and when we grow up, we must fly like a kite to the distance to pursue our future. Realize my dreams, but at this time, the teacher said to us with a strong heart. ? Classmates, you will be like a kite, there will always be a day of flying, no matter how far you fly, but your roots will always be in your hometown. . With the passing of time, we left our hometown when we grew up, and we traveled through the city every day. However, the bustling and neon flashes in the city could not cover the thoughts and attachments to our hometown, no matter how many times. Flowers blossom and fall, after many changes in the world, like a kite flying in the hometown, but the roots are in the hometown, where is the love, those who have passed the time, full of happiness and happiness, joy in the back Years shook in the depths of spring. In the depths of April and spring, the spring is full of beauty, the new green is a little bit, the crispness of the spring, the beautiful spring, reflecting the sweet smiles of the tourists in the park, the kites are gradually increasing and colorful flying over the park. The beautiful scenery, like the bloom of flowers, adds a charming color to the spring, but also leaves a deep feeling for himself. No matter how charming the kites in the city are, the most beautiful kites in my heart are in my hometown.
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