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The dim light hits the

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    June 24, 2019 4:00 AM EDT

    The dim light hits the wet white wall, adding an inexplicable color to it. Looking at the swaying shadow, my thoughts lingered. When I think of the hours, on the night of the power outage, I always put a candle, and then play the game with the shadow of the wall, imitate the movement of the small animal, make faces on it Marlboro Gold, and follow it. Looking at its movements, I laughed and pointed at it and said to my mother, "Look, you see, it's really interesting." The mother smiled and looked at me, his eyes exuding the gentleness I could not understand. The happiness at that time was so simple. There is not much thought about everything in front of us, and we don��t think about it more because we have the most precious thing, and that is happiness. For us, this is the best arrangement for me now, a strange corner in a strange city, is struggling for the invisible future. In countless late nights, waking up in a dream, the feeling of fear and uneasiness also followed. Thinking of last night's dream, I kept running, I didn't know what I was looking for, until I was exhausted, I couldn't find what I wanted. After waking up, I asked myself, "What exactly do I want?", but I can't give a clear answer. I think that people's lives are actually looking for an answer. We don't know what the answer will be Cigarettes Online, but the heart always feels it is important Online Cigarettes. After a lifetime, some people have found it, and some people have been ringing in the same place, or have been parked in the middle of the road. I have been telling myself that "everything in front of us is the best arrangement", for those who want to pursue but forever Things that cannot be obtained must be learned to give up and relieved, without having to endure hardship. This sentence, in the heart of the field, I have never really realized. A few days ago, watching the movie "Let's get married," I heard this sentence again, and I gradually realized. Chai rice oil salt, a plain and tasteless life Cigarettes For Sale, we must learn to accept, learn to enjoy the original taste of life. Some things don't go along with your mind. What we can do for ourselves and our family and friends is to follow the current trajectory. From the beginning of contact with literature, my dream is to be a writer, to write a good article, I am too eager to forget the most basic things. Waiting, taste, experience, ..., I am missing too much, and now I can only accumulate and supplement it little by little. Reading, reading is something I can do now, and I wake up when I like to do it. I usually make a cup of coffee, sit by the window and look at the pedestrians and scenery coming and going. Imagine if any of these thousands of people are like me. In the end, I understand why people always have so many sighs and helplessness, because the heart that is eager to change, with the erosion of time, is slowly withering. No matter how beautiful a flower is, it will not escape the fate of the fall. Why entangle those established endings, it once opened its own beauty, isn't it? Its beauty is intoxicating, and its aroma is fascinated by how many people. I am very grateful to the people around me, no matter familiar or strange. They all make me feel that life is so real, I can touch it with my hands and feel it with my heart. My friends are not around, my family is far away, but I know that they are still there, and I feel warm in my heart. I never thought about what it would be like if my friend was gone Parliament Cigarettes, would I cry and cry to count the good things we spent together? Now, I can also visit them, and I can talk to them, all of which makes me satisfied. Even if they live in the world, their hearts will be closely related to the sky of July, like a raging fire, roasting everything. It is more like cooking a big meal, and we are the food in the pot. At this moment, I am hiding in a remote corner of the shade, thinking, watching, whether it is time to gather together with friends, do not think about it, do not rack your brains to think; if you can't get it, then calm down and think about it. Perhaps everything in front of you is the best arrangement.
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