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How to replace the parts of vibrating screen?

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    June 20, 2019 2:14 AM EDT

    The screen is the main component of the vibrating screen, and it is also a vulnerable part. The vibrating screen is used for a long time, it is easy to appear the old phenomenon of the old screen. At this time, we need to replace the screen. When the user is buying the equipment, it may be possible to prepare a few screen spares to avoid the normal work when the screen is damaged.

    Of course, everyone should also cherish the screen in peacetime, avoid the screen overload work, so that the life of the screen can be extended. So, how should the screen mesh of the vibrating screen be replaced? The specific operation methods are as follows:

    1. of the first ring screw loose, remove the box, put the damaged fine mesh removed, replaced by a new fine screen.

    2. when users change the screen, they can lay the thin screen on the top of the coarse screen and put the upper frame back to the original position. Then the staff will tighten the whole screen around the thin screen, and use the universal clamp to clamp the upper frame and the lower frame.

    3. ring again, to loosen universal pliers, screw locking ring beam.

    4. with a soft hammer round the ring around the ring, and then the copper nut lock, the replacement of fine screen net is completed.

    5. Coarse mesh on the screen if there is damage to the vibration phenomenon, the user can repair it, if unable to complete the repair work, can be returned to buy the factory where the repair, better prepare a spare coarse mesh.