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    May 15, 2019 2:02 PM EDT

    Keto 6tm And to lose weight without harm to health on this background is unreal. However, the benefits of such products are still there. If you add to each meal a little fiber (foods with supposedly negative caloric content), you will lengthen the feeling of satiety, and this will simplify any weight loss. However, do not think that by adding vegetables to the diet - you will burn more calories than you get. The scale is clearly not the same. Since we found out that zero-calorie foods do not exist, and then why not discuss the various tricks, life hacks and tips that are closest to this topic. Why are losing weight looking for low-calorie foods? To eat more, and get less (energy). Simply put, a large amount of food with low calorie content will give a pronounced feeling of fullness, but at the same time you will not break the calorie deficit - the main rule of weight loss. Grapefruit diet Grapefruit diet and to this day is very popular due to the prevalence of the myth about the benefits of vitamin C and various citrus fruits for weight loss. There are all sorts of supplements and extracts based on citrus, which are positioned as an aid in losing weight, but the most famous diet remains the same, which we will consider below. What is a grapefruit diet? This is a kind of mono-diet that forces partially or completely switch to grapefruit. The diet is constructed in such a way that a person consumes at least 3 large grapefruits per day. There are also a number of requirements; for example, bitter grapefruits are valued more than usual in diets of this type. Useful properties of this diet according to numerous descriptions on the Internet are quite significant. First of all, it relieves weight loss, burns subcutaneous fat, normalizes the balance of vitamins, and even reduces bad cholesterol. The benefits are explained by the presence of synephrine, potassium, antioxidants and other beneficial substances in grapefruit. Eating such fruits often, you cleanse the body; so that this diet can be considered as currently popular deter diets. What does a grapefruit diet look like?