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Trapezium Mill in Coal Power Plant and Cement Industry

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    May 14, 2019 11:10 PM EDT

    Trapezium mill is an important grinding equipment. MTW Trapezium Mill is a new type and high-tech grinding equipment, which can be used in many fields, such as coal-fired power plant, cement industry and so on. This paper briefly introduces the application of Trapezium grinder in these two fields.

    1. Trapezium mill for coal grinding production

    Trapezium mill is an important pulverized coal grinding equipment. It can be combined with crusher, bucket elevator, iron remover, belt conveyor, silo, closed quantitative feeder, main machine of trapezium mill, hot blast stove, pipeline, cyclone collector, bag filter, motor and muffler to form a complete Trapezium mill grinding production system.

    In the coal grinding plant, coal is grinded into powder by trapezium mill, and then brought to the separator under the action of hot air blowing into the system. Through the separator's separating function, the coal is compared to enter the flour collecting device through the pipeline.

    Coal is a flammable and explosive material. The reason why it can be grinded by trapezium mill is that there are two explosion-proof protections in Trapezium mill, one is the hot blast stove in the production line system, the other is the explosion-proof valve design on the upper part of Trapezium mill.

    There are two functions of hot stove, one is drying material, the other is explosion-proof. The hot air entering the system from the hot blast stove is formed by combustion. The oxygen content in the hot air is very small, which can not reach the oxygen content required for pulverized coal combustion, thus playing an explosion-proof role. In addition, the design of the explosion-proof valve on the upper part of the machine makes the pressure in the grinding chamber of the machine not change very much. When the internal pressure of the machine is too large, the explosion-proof valve will break up and release the internal pressure of the machine, thus preventing the occurrence of explosion.

    2. Trapezium Mill for Desulfurizer Production

    Generally, in the coal-burning industry, desulfurizer is needed. The main raw materials of desulfurizer are limestone and lime, and the desulfurizer itself is alkali solution. By grinding limestone and lime into powder, and then mixing powder and water, the alkali solution obtained is a simple desulfurizer, so that the soot formed after coal combustion can be removed from the soot by alkali solution. The sulfur in coal is removed to prevent sulfur monoxide from entering the atmosphere and polluting the air.

    These are the two important applications of Trapezium mill, and these two applications are inseparable from the production of coal-fired power plants and cement production, because, based on the needs of the situation, the dyestuffs of domestic coal-fired power plants are mainly coal and petroleum, and the raw materials used in metallurgical industry are mostly coal. The production of these two industries can not be separated from coal, desulfurizer and Trapezium mill.

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