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How to Fix Brother Printer not printing

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    April 8, 2019 12:54 AM EDT

    Brother Printer is considered as the most trusted solution for printing problems and delivers it promises by printing your papers at a greater extent. However, if you can longer take prints you may be getting worried and frustrated. There are several reasons that prevent your Brother printer from printing, some are mentioned below:

    1. Make sure that your Brother printer is on and there are no other errors:
    • Check the status LED and if it is not lit then your printer is not powered on. Now check for the wring and make sure it is clearly plugged in.
    • Check the LEDs and verify if there are any error lights. In case you find any error in LEDs light, try to find the issue.
    1. Make sure it is connected to a router or access point:
    • Verify the connection of your Brother printer to the router or access point using the Ethernet cable.

    There may be another reason causing troubles and to get the proper solution you can call at Brother printer customer service number. A complete experienced and professional team will mentor you.