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American Airlines tips for High Blood Pressure traveler

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    April 1, 2019 4:22 PM EDT

    American Airlines Customer Service tips for High Blood Pressure Patients.

    There is a myth that a person having high blood pressure cannot board the flights, but the myth is not true to infect having high blood pressure should not hinder and it cannot stop you enjoying globe travel to your favorite destinations. Therefore any type of travel no matter whether it is flying, you can fly easily till you have high blood pressure and it's well controlled.

    However, if your blood pressure is not stable, then you should take doctor advice before you are making any travel plans. Here are the some needed tips from American Airlines Customer Service for the High Blood Pressure Patients

    Beware of the Blood Pressure:-

    1. Normal Blood Pressure is when systolic pressure is below 120.

    2. Blood Pressure when systolic pressure is between120-139.

    3. Hypertension when systolic pressure is more than 140.

    Few things that must not be ignored which can the symptoms of the High Blood Pressure be like:-

    # Headache

    # Aches and pains in the head or in Heart.

    # Fainting

    # Difficulty in breathing

    # Exhaustion

    For best precautions always talk to your doctor before you fly.

    Always carry your Medication bag.

    Check your Blood Pressure.

    Do not forget to travel insurance.

    Still having any confusion, do not wait just call at American Airlines Customer Service Number @ 1 888 388 8628 for best info.