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    Top 5 Essential Oils to Combat Hair Loss Health Articles | August 2 Thon Maker Bucks Jersey , 2017

    Hair loss or alopecia has been a worldwide issue since time immemorial. It does not only affect the men’s community but also the women’s. Its target is not just the older crowd. In fact, t...


    Hair loss or alopecia has been a worldwide issue since time immemorial. It does not only affect the men’s community but also the women’s. Its target is not just the older crowd. In fact, the first signs of hair loss were estimated to be seen in the early age of 20s. Sounds alarming Ray Allen Bucks Jersey , right? It is also important to note that women aren’t immune to this condition and neither are children! These facts have led to the formulation of various types of treatments including the surgical procedures. But the surgical treatment for hair loss costs a lot! This is where the search for alternative option comes in.


    Thankfully, there are totally doable options to treat hair loss – the use of essential oils. Essential oils for hair growth have massively overtaken the market even today. The use of these oils can be traced back even to the ancient Egyptian age. Apparently, there are a wide array of essential oils that promote hair growth. Knowing which one works best for the hair can be very exhausting and time-consuming. This list will narrow down to the top 5 best essential oils for hair growth.

    Rosemary oil

    This is by far the most popular essential oil for hair growth. It works fairly good for all hair types and is also used for all manner of ailments. One can use this oil by massaging considerable amount directly to the scalp.

    Cedarwood oil

    Cedarwood is widely used for treating thinning hair and various types of alopecia. Its properties are very well known to stimulate hair follicles that promote hair growth and slow down the rate of hair loss. One can apply this oil topically to the scalp and hair.

    Clary Sage

    Clary sage is extremely useful for dry scalp and hair. This natural remedy is known for its content that helps relieve stress and balance hormones. Stress-induced hair loss can be combatted with this oil.

    Lavender Oil

    This oil has gentle healing properties and is one of the most useful oil for treating hair loss. Lavender increases circulation that stimulates hair follicles at an accelerated rate. Lavender oil works best with clary sage and can help to reverse hair loss.

    Thyme Essential Oil

    Thyme is usually added to shampoos and other hair products to treat hair loss. The oil helps deliver the nutrients for the scalp and supports hair development. It is important to note Oscar Robertson Bucks Jersey , however, that this oil is typically strong and must be used in moderation.


    Opting to use essential oils may take several months to achieve to get the desired results. Persistence is always the key to unlock your hair growth goals. Indulging in these essential oils is healthy as they are already tested and proven to work. They do not just help you with hair loss problems but they also have medicinal properties. Long before the discoveries of chemical treatment for hair problems, essential oils were already existent. These natural remedies are very helpful for all types of people especially those who are low on budget. Keep in mind though to take all precautionary measures prior to using them.


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