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    A Beginner's Guide To The Sugar Detox Diet Health Articles | September 23 [url=http://www.calgaryflamesteamstore.com/adidas-jarome-iginla-jersey]http://www.calgaryflamesteamstore.com/adidas-jarome-iginla-jersey[/url] , 2014

    If you're going through the signs and symptoms of the sugary diet then it's highly suggested you undergo a sugar detox diet. This short article provides information about how to do this.


    Nowadays much of the food found at supermarkets is highly processed containing refined sugar and MSG. While this is not extremely detrimental to your body, when consumed in large amounts over a prolonged period of time it can be disadvantageous.


    Studies have shown that if an individual were to eat an unbalanced diet with too much refined sugar they are more likely to gain weight and experience lethargy than those who eat a balanced and healthy diet. If you are experiencing the symptoms of a sugary diet then it is highly recommended you undergo a sugar detox diet. This article provides information on how to do so.


    1. Make a plan of action


    By making a plan of action for the sugar detox diet you will be prepared for the changes to be experienced. Carefully examine your daily sugar intake and determine where you should begin to detox. For example, if you begin your morning with a sugary cup of coffee you can begin your dietary changes in the morning.


    2. Planning a menu


    One of the most important aspects of the sugar detox diet is to plan a menu for your meals and snacks. If you have a busy lifestyle you may find yourself reaching out for and purchasing sugary meals due to the convenience; however, if you have planned a non-sugar menu of snacks packed at home you are more likely to stick to a sugar detoxification diet.


    3. Food product consumption


    The majority of people believe that when completing a sugar detoxification diet you will be required to eat a restrictive diet; however this is not true. Sugar detox programs are working to remove toxins caused by refined sugar from your body, but this does not mean you are restricted to specific foods as there are many products available that do not contain refined sugar. Furthermore, supermarkets now offer may non-sugar options for those who do not eat refined sugar.


    Food products that can be consumed when on this type of detox diet include all vegetables expect potatoes. You can also eat various free range meat products, such as free range beef, poultry, turkey, lamb and chicken. Salmon is an ideal fish option and lentils are a recommended choice. Pasta may be consumed; however this is only to a minimal amount.


    While chocolate, sweets and crisps are not to be had there are numerous alternatives you can eat as a snack, such as goji berries and cherry tomatoes. Nuts and seeds are also tasty and very healthy. If you are not able to function without chocolate there are unsweetened dark chocolate products available; however, it is recommended that you give the berries a try before resorting to unsweetened chocolate blocks.


    Final words on the matter


    As is mentioned above, a full sugar detoxification can take between 10-21 days. This will be difficult to complete if you are a severe sugar addiction; however, as can be seen in the article, there are various enjoyable foods that can be consumed as substitutes.


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