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Why fortnite materials Is So Popular

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    March 9, 2019 1:05 AM EST

    Marketing ideas like this - and let us face it, at least part of this decision was a promotion decision - in which many interested parties benefit is rare.
    Ironically, unlike Fortnite where just one winner succeeds every game, with this particular scholarship thought everyone wins.

    Why fortnite materials Is So Popular

    How did Fortnite eventually become a global phenomenon?

    Fortnite is the hottest game right now. Battle Royale, specifically. Patricia, you have played lots of Fortnite Items for sale. Why is it so popular? How did it become this cultural phenomenon, in which Drake is flowing it on Twitch and dividing documents and every single high school in the usa is playing?

    I believe the first thing anybody would tell you is that it is free, but... That was obviously a significant portion of it's getting started, but if you look at it right now that is definitely not what's made it a phenomenon. Like, you believe Drake gives a fuck if this match is 60 or free? No, he is playing it--