Almost everyone has their

  • December 27, 2018 1:10 AM EST

    Almost everyone has their own idols, some people like scientists, some people like stars, some people like cartoon characters, some people like people around them... my favorite person is a movie star and singer - Yang Mi.ang Mi, she was born in a poor family Cheap Carton, she is very beautiful and very capable Newport Wholesale Cigarettes. At a young age, she collaborated with famous actor and director---Zhou Xingchi, a world-renowned film and television work---Wu Zhuangyuan Su Yuer. Although she did not have a lot of pictures, it is still fresh in her memory Marlboro Red Shorts Carton.t the age of 16, she is a flower girl. She was once filmed by a famous director and actor to shoot the Condor Heroes. Later, she took another singer and singer, which gave her a reputation. Later, in early 2011, she made another household name. The court passed through the big drama, the palace. This drama made her popular in the north and south of the country. It became famous and popular all over the world. The corner of Qingchuan is still fresh in people's memory. The movies she shot are also numerous: running out of the sky, Chunjiao and Zhiming, and the soul of the island... Nowadays, two movies are about to be released, one is painting two, one is holding life, and the TV series is continuous. : �� ���� bride, Ruyi, Gong Er, Beijing love story... But this did not make her proud, she still humbly ask others. This year, she made several new albums: Whispering, Hedgehog Hug, Love and Love... The most valuable thing is that she flies several cities a day, promotes new films, has no time to rest, and flies to another city. I took a nap on my flight. She always does not forget fans, and often praises fans on Weibo Wholesale Ciggarettes, qq, blogs is very loyal and considerate. That day, she had a fever of 40 degrees, and also bite her teeth to support the staff Cheap Newport 100 Cigarettes Free Shipping. After a press conference, she was immediately sent to the hospital. She was really dedicated. Everyone saw her face is very beautiful, in fact, no one knows her hard work, no matter how bitter, she is still dedicated, it is worthy of "being a spicy chicken."Looking for power, never give up." This is the slogan of our "power" bee, this is my idol