From small to large, I have received

  • November 19, 2018 8:52 PM EST

    From small to large, I have received countless applause, from parents, from teachers, from classmates... but only that applause made me unforgettable and memorable.ber when I was in kindergarten, I was introverted and timid. I didn't dare to talk to my classmates, and I often burst into tears for no reason. In a class activity class, the teacher asked us to take turns to introduce ourselves. It was my turn. After I came to power, my face rose red, my hands kept licking my clothes, and my mouth was like a cotton shack Newports 100S. I couldn��t tell. The teacher came over and encouraged me to encourage me: "Xue Yufan, nothing, boldly say! We will cheer for you!" After the teacher finished, he took the lead and gave me a hand. The students also responded, and the classroom suddenly arrived. The long-awaited applause sounded. At this moment, my eyes are full of tears, I close my eyes, do not want to let the tears flow out. Finally, I took the courage and said aloud: "My name is Xue Yufan, I am 5 years old..." After this incident, I became more lively and cheerful, and I was more adept at talking with my classmates. Gradually, I have many good friends. These are all from the classmates who gave me warm applause. This applause made me more optimistic and confident.ause is an encouragement; applause is a kind of praise; applause is the source of confidence Wholesale Newports. Everyone is eager for others to give their applause. As long as everyone gives a little applause, the world will become a beautiful world! Going into the gates of the Forbidden City Newports Cigarettes Website, "Wow! It's really big!" I can't help but say. The bell said: "The most spectacular is still behind!" We first visited the architectural model of the Forbidden City and its architectural construction Cigarettes Online Store. I know that the Forbidden City covers an area of ??more than 720,000 square meters, with more than 9,000 palaces, all wooden structures, and all the wooden structures do not have a nail. The palace is a white stone base, a tall ridge, a yellow glazed tile, and the dragon's pattern and brilliant colors are everywhere.sited a lot of palaces, but my favorite is nothing more than the two luxurious and noble halls of the Qing Palace and the Kunning Palace.Qing dynasty was the place where the emperor of the Qing dynasty went up. There was a plaque above the head of the throne, with the words "Zhengda Guangming" on the back, followed by a scorpion, with the emperor's prepared will (used by Li Chujun), and the Longevity died. Then they took out the scorpion and set up the prince on the spot; the throne was golden Marlboro Gold Cigarettes, extremely dazzling, shining with a very seductive light, I was scared on the spot, if it was modern, you could sell a lot of money! The railing outside is white marble, it feels cool and cool, giving me a little comfort in the hot weather. Palace was supposed to be the palace of the empress, but only three empresses lived in this palace in the history of the Qing Dynasty. Which three? It is the Queen of Shunzhi Borzigit, the Queen of Kangxi Hershey and the Empress of Uzbekistan. The palace was very old. It was the Eight-Power Allied Forces that made the palace fly and the dog jumped. Now there are only red carpets with gold edges, two sandalwood mahogany chairs, a bamboo-wood red wardrobe, and a cigarette for many years. The incense burner and a cage that was previously filled with two love birds (because after the reign of Emperor Yongzheng, this is where the emperor and the empress are married), even the walls are ragged, showing how despicable and shameless the Eight-Power Allied For. When I went to the exit of the Imperial Garden, I could not help but sigh: " This ancient man is really patient, so majestic buildings can be built!"