With the sound of firecracker

  • November 19, 2018 8:51 PM EST

    With the sound of firecrackers, the New Year's Eve night finally arrived! I took out a well-prepared Kongming lamp and unpacked it - because of my excitement, my hands didn't listen, and it took a long time to open the package! the open kongming lantern is like a big pocket. There are two wires in the mouth of the bag. I fixed a square candle on the wire. Now I started to light the candles. I put a match and placed them under the four corners of the candle. Slowly, the candle burned up and burned more and more. Yeah, the first step is successful!t, you have to wait for the "big pocket" to be filled with the heat of the candle burning Newport 100S Cigarettes, so that the "big pocket" can be released! The candle continued to burn, and the candle oil dripped from time to time. Slowly, the "big pocket" bulged. But for a while, I obviously felt that it had an upward force. The big pocket seemed to break free of my bondage to it. I went up little by little, so I took my hands away little by little. At this time, the "big pocket" is free to fly to the sky Marlboro Cigarettes For Sale. Yeah, all success!"big pocket" began to wobble like a drunkard. Then, it is getting higher and higher and getting more and more stable. I hurriedly made my wish for the New Year under the chandeliert? Danger! I rushed to the past in three steps and two steps. Really, I only wanted to fly up, didn't look at it, and almost hit the house! Fortunately, there igher the Kongming lamp is, the more it becomes a bright spot. Then it leaves my childhood. It is colorful, and there are so many things: happy things, sad things, troublesome things Buy Cigarettes Online Cheap, stupid things... it is like a A little star sparkles in my head.s when I was very young. Dad and Mom went to work that day, only Grandma stayed with me at home. Grandma is very tired, she goes to sleep. Seeing that she slept very well, there was a thought in my mind: to paint a beard for my grandmother. Just do it. I took a brush and inked it. I carefully walked over and slowly squatted on the bed. When I was about to draw a beard for my grandmother, my grandmother suddenly turned over and scared me to death. When my grandmother was very quiet, I picked up the brush again Newports Cigarettes Price. This time, my grandmother obeyed more and didn't move. I drew gently on the lower left side of my grandmother's nose. Grandma seemed to feel something like a nose on her face. I drew a little at the bottom right of my grandmother's nose. The character was finally done. Grandma moved again and scared me from the bed to the ground.a while, my grandmother got up. I saw her two beards on her kind face. She was like a funny actor on TV. She couldn��t help but sneak up. Grandma said inexplicably: "Idiot!" When my mother came back to work and saw her grandmother's appearance, she was shocked: "Mom, how do you have a long beard?" Grandma rushed into the bathroom and stood in front of the mirror. She was furious and said: "Who did it?" I couldn't help but laugh aside, Grandma said, "Look at how I can clean you up."is the most memorable thing. When my grandmother said that I was a naughty bag, I would think of it and couldn't help but laugh Cheap Cigs Online Free Shipping.