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Ferris Wheel for Sale China

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    November 9, 2018 2:09 AM EST

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    Ferris wheel is a large wheel-like mechanical amusement equipment, and it is always used in the large amusement park or theme park. Looking from a long distance, it just looks like a big ring. The big wheel ride can also be regarded as a city’s mark or a park’s mark. You can remember it easily at the first sight when you go to play at an amusement park.
    When you ride on a Ferris wheel, you can see the beautiful scenery around and enjoy the happiness with your family members or boyfriend and girlfriend. Many people think that riding on Ferris wheel can bring themselves joy and happiness.
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    Observation Wheel Structure

    Observation wheel is another name of Ferris wheel. And its main structure consists of a big rotating upright wheel, column bracket, driving system, platform, electrical components and cabins (which are also called pods, capsules, gondolas, or passenger cars).
    These cabins are attached to the wheel rim. When the wheel turns, they can still keep upright due to gravity. So the passengers will be safe in it, even if it reaches the top point. Some of the deluxe and modern giant wheels have the capsules mounted on the outside of the wheel rim. There is electric motor to independently rotate each cabin, to keep it in upright position and ensure passengers’ safety.
    There are LED lights on the Ferris wheel. Especially at night, it looks as if the colorful wheel are rolling, very beautiful. When tourists ride on the Ferris wheel at night, as the big wheel rise slowly, you can see more and more night scenery of the city, and it will bring you unforgettable feeling and memory.

    Ferris Wheel Manufacturer

    Carnee Group is the professional manufacturer of outdoor large sized Ferris wheel rides and other amusement equipment. The factory can design and produce various kinds of Ferris wheels with height range from 15 meters to 120 meters. And it especially concentrates on the 30m, 42m, 50m, 65m and 88m sky Ferris wheel. All the components and design comply with the national standards. It has to resist to bad weather and cruel situation, even fight against typhoon or earthquake.
    Carnee has the Manufacture License of Special Equipment, and Installation, Alteration, Repair & Maintenance License of Special Equipment. We have the cutting workshop, bracket workshop, cabins workshop and other mechanical parts workshop. All the parts and components are classified in order.
    In our factory, we have established strict and complete quality control system, which can provide high quality Ferris wheel with favorable price. Reliable quality and fast delivery have won many customers’ trust and high opinion.

    How does a Ferris Wheel Work?

    As the carnival Ferris wheel is the large and complicated equipment, its working principle is little different from the other rides. The equipment is driven by the friction wheel. Motors drive the speed reducer directly, and the speed reducer will drive the friction wheel, and then make the wheel and cabins turn.
    The giant wheel keep rotating very slowly, and passengers can go in and out the ride easily when the Ferris wheel cabin rotates at the lowest point. There are 2 safety devices on the pod shaft, and a safety lock on pod door, which can totally ensure passengers’ safety.
    The big wheel ride is equipped with function of controlling of positive and negative rotation manually. In normal circumstance, it is under clockwise rotation. After starting up, the equipment will keep continuous running. No stopping even when passengers go in and out the cabins. But do not worry, there will be service personnel at the passageway. They will take care of the passengers when opening or locking the cabin’s door.