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Carousel Rides for Sale China

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    November 8, 2018 12:50 AM EST

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    Carousel rides are the most common and popular amusement park rides, and they can also be seen in outdoor square, fairground, carnivals, indoor amusement centers or the amusement parks and so on. When the carousel rotating, horses or other animals will go up and down slowly. People who ride on the merry go round can feel like they are riding on the real horses.
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    When talking about the carousel rides, people will always combine it with romantic. It doesn’t matter you are lovers, friends or parents and kids, you will be attracted by it and want to have a try and take photos on it. About the carousel, there is a beautiful legend. If the boy and girl love each other, and sit on the carousel together, the merry go round will take them to the perfect paradise. Then they will fall in love and love each other forever, which is really a romantic story.

    Features of Top Drive Mode Carousel

    1. Motor is installed at the upper part of the newel, and under the top cover.
    2. Chassis is thin and low, short distance to the ground.
    3. More stable running
    4. Low noise
    5. No tires
    6. More decoration
    7. Fit for indoor use

    Features of Bottom Drive Mode Carousel

    1. Motor is installed at the bottom part of the chassis, and there are tires under the chassis.
    2. Motor and tires will drive the merry go round move.
    3. Chassis is longer distance to the ground.
    4. Fit for outdoor use
    The carousel is controlled by the control cabinet, and there are push buttons of bell, start, stop, lights and emergency stop button on it. To start the ride, you need to connect the control cabinet to the power first. Advise to do the normal check on the equipment everyday, to make sure the passengers take a safe and happy journey on the carousel ride.

    Where to Buy a Merry Go Round?

    As you have seen there are so many kinds of fairground carousels, and if you are ready to add it to your business, welcome to Carnee company.
    Carnee amusement equipment company is the professional manufacturer of carousel rides and other amusement rides for more than 5 years. The factory is located in Zhengzhou city, Henan province of China, about one hour to 1.5 hours distance to the Zhengzhou airport and high speed railway station, very convenient on traffic.
    We have exported products to more than 100 countries to Europe, Africa, America, Asia, and also have offices and warehouses at Pakistan, Uzbekistan and Russia. We have helped 60% of our customers to design their amusement park area and install the equipment, and got most good feedback.
    About the certificates, we have got ISO9001, BV, CE and SONCAP approval. More other certifications are under authentication, which can better meet your demand.

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    November 10, 2018 3:30 AM EST

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