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Pirate Ship Ride for Sale china

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    November 7, 2018 3:45 AM EST

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    Pirate ship ride is also called as swing boat or viking pirate ship, and it is often seen in the playground, amusement park, theme park, carnival or funfair. Pirate ship is a type of newly designed amusement ride that swings back and forth around a horizontal axis. The name of pirate ship ride is derived from the appearance of the ancient pirate ship.
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    After starting the pirate ship carnival ride, it will swing slowly, and gradually become quick. Passengers sit on the pirate ship pendulum ride, just like they are shipping on the stormy sea. Sometimes rushing to the crest of the wave, and sometimes falling to the bottom. It is so thrilling to challenge the limit of your psychological bearing ability. The “pirates” have been regarded as the mysterious persons since ancient times. They always appear on or around the sea, and do something bad things. Many people only see them in books or on televisions, but never see them in reality. This makes people, especially children, want to know more about the mysteries of “pirates”. Therefore, when the children see the pirate ship amusement ride, they will surely would like to have a try and want to become a pirate captain by themselves, so your business opportunity is also coming.

    Pirate Ship Ride Description

    The pirate ship amusement ride is composed of passenger cabin (the ship), support arm, suspension system, transmission system, platform, operating system and other parts. There are two types of the ship body, that is FRP or iron material type, you can choose according to preference. The rocking pirate ship ride can also be equipped with gorgeous lighting, wonderful music, long lasting and fade free paintings.

    How does a Pirate Ship Ride Work?

    For the pirate ship working principle, let’s give you some general explanation. When the motor rotates, it drives the tire through the belt. The tire rotates and rises under the action of the electric hydraulic propeller, and touches the friction track at the bottom of the passenger ship. Under the effect of friction, the ship will swing freely. After 2 to 3 times of friction driven, the passenger cabin can reach the designed swing angle, such as 45 degree or 60 degree.

    Classification of Pirate Ship Ride

    There are many types of pirate ships with different sizes and seating capacity. For example, the kids pirate ship with 8 seats or 12 seats, and the giant pirate ship ride with 16 seats, 24 seats, 32 seats or 40 seats. The pirate boat ride area will be decided by its seating capacity, and you can choose your preferred one for your park based on its design, seating capacity and your park space limitation. One of the very popular type is the dragon pirate ship, at both fores of the ship, there are two dragon heads, with incomplete body. And a man stands in the center part of the ship, which looks like the Chinese traditional dragon boat race.

    Features of Mini Pirate Ship

    1. Various designs. Taking into account of children’s interests and psychology, when designing the kids pirate ship, people would like to decorate it with more cartoon character appearances and colorful paintings. So that children can play happily, at the same time, it can stimulate their interests on new things.
    2. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor. Due to its small size and beautiful style, the kids pirate ship can be used both indoor and outdoor. It is more convenient and interesting than the other general amusement rides.
    3. Highly simulation. The small pirate ship style simulates the real pirate ship, kids will have great interests on it. Especially when they are playing in the pirate ship ride adventure world or pirate ship ride wonderland.