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  • November 25, 2022 1:56 PM EST

    main streaming (not movies that represent real (not simulated) homosexual i had gay sex with my brother sex between gentlemen. Includes self masturbation, other masturbation, oral sex or ace sex. (Well, actually, the border between commercials and the mainstream at many of them are pretty blurry.)
    Some of the movies here, like "underwater" and "jesus," are in censored versions and don't require censorship. If they are in this catalog, obviously this is the uncensored version.
    1. My goal of your love (2012)
    2. Camp liberty counselor week (2014)
    Unrated 38 min featurette, comedy
    It's counselor week at liberty camp, and these boys are taking the camp to a whole new level. When new counselor andrew (brandon rife) meets the leader jack (gregor and michaels) in orientation, andrew ... See full cv »
    Director: steven vasquez cast: cameron ellis, holgi forrester, addison graham, edward gutierrez
    Voice: 41
    3. Gang skin (1999)
    X 67 min for parents, comedy, drama
    Director: bruce la bruce cast: steve masters, eden miller, slava mogutin, ralph steele
    4. Acrobat (2019)
    Not rated 134 min drama
    Montreal in the snow. While the cranes are dancing their hypnotic ballet at rush hour, two strangers are accidentally used in an unfinished apartment. Their chance meeting provokes a strong attraction and causeless addiction.
    Director: rodrigue jean cast: sebastien ricard, yuri polo, victor fomin, liz roy
    Votes: 721
    5. Shortbass (2006)
    6. Bramadero (2007)
    22 min short, adult, fantasy
    Handsome and erotic bramadero finds hassen and jonas on the outskirts of mexico city. Far from this, they have already found a place in which they are able to seduce each other and merge together; where... View full resume »
    Director: julián hernandez stars: sergio almasan, christian rodriguez
    Votes: 395
    7. Loser boy (2017)
    8. Interior. Leather bar. (2013)
    Not rated 60 min drama
    Filmmakers james franco and travis matthews reimagines the lost 40 minutes of cruises (1980) as the starting point for the broadest exploration of sexy, and creative freedom.
    Director: james franco, travis matthews cast: val lauren, christian patrick, james franco, travis matthews
    Votes: 2,592 gross profit: $0.04m
    9. Wrong (2009)
    Unrated 98 min adult, drama
    Claude pérez pushes the relationship between actor and director to the limit by asking the actor to make love to a smoker.
    Director: claude pérez cast: claude perez, marcel schlutt
    10. Score (1973)
    No rating 90 minutes adult, comedy, drama
    A liberated '70s couple seduces another couple into experimenting with bisexuality and gangbang.
    Director: radley metzger cast: claire wilbur, casey donovan, lynn lowry, gerald grant
    Votes: 1232
    11. Dry wind (2020)
    12. Always say yes (2019)
    13. Both ways (1975)
    X 84 min adult, drama
    A married father tries to find harmony between family life and relationship with his lover.
    Director: jerry douglas cast: gerald grant, andrea true, dean tate, katherine miles
    Votes: 74
    14. In the forest (2010)
    97 min drama, mysticism, romance
    Huge tree trunks. The nature of the leaves, the roots of expectations and the cottage hidden in the bowels of the forest. Flight to a new side. Roughly the following sentence of a "punk" existential fairy tale.
    Director: angelos francis cast: katya gulioni, yakovos kamhis, nathan pissoort
    Votes: 290
    15. Symposium: devastation of athens (2017)
    23 min short, for adults
    On a greek beach, two naked guys are discussing the platonic symposium and masculinity in ancient and modern greece and are doing this business on the sand in power.
    Director : menelas stars: darras hole, kortoputo, nico dean, giannis maskidis
    Votes: 8
    16. Black sheep boy (1995)
    Unrated 37 min short, fantasy
    Psychological and emotional motives of the sexual fetish of gays, especially in matters of gay teenagers turning into representatives of the stronger sex and telephone sexual exploits.
    Director : michael wallin stars: stuart cataldo, drew daniel, peter dunay, andrew durham
    Voice: 91
    17. The place between our bodies (1975)
    Unrated 33 min short, adult, romantic
    Dedicated to the fight against aids, this film offers an open exploration of gay sexuality.His about sexual sympathy and sexual hunger hints, just as tenderness can get into gentlemanly sex.
    Director: michael wallin
    Votes: 55</>18.Damon & hunter: doing it together (2006)
    46 min documentary, biographical, romance
    Director: tony comstock cast: damon demarco, hunter james
    19. Thunderer! (1975)
    160 min adult, comedy, horror
    With a killer gorilla on the loose, a group of strangers are in another mansion on a grieving crazy dark and stormy night. They exchange bizarre personal backstories and bodily fluids.
    Director: kurt mcdowell cast: marion eaton, george kuchar, melinda mcdowall, phillip heffernan
    Votes: 796
    20. Don't love me (2017)
    21. New dubai (2014)
    22. Miserere (2019)
    74 min the documentary
    Miserere follows six young men who work as prostitutes for modest pay at the once train station and plaza miserere, in the central region of buenos aires. Structured like a chronicle... View full cv »
    Director: francisco ríos flores
    23. Under water (ii) (2015)
    23 min short, drama
    Located within the confines of an elite international swimming establishment in the uk's rugged countryside. The seclusion of such a place helps develop morality and ... View full resume »
    Director: alejandro sesma cast: jackson radock, kimi monroe, danny montero, kayden grey
    Votes: 225
    24. In the rain (2019)
    25. Prince (2019)
    Unrated 96 min drama
    A homeoerotic prison drama from the 1970s based on a short-circulation dime novel that tells about the sexual, often violent and ultimately murderous experiences of the 20-year-old narcissist jaime.
    Director: sebastian muñoz cast: juan carlos maldonado, alfredo castro, gaston pauls, cesare serra
    Votes: 1443
    26. The seed (2018)
    18 min short, adult
    In search of salvation from the continuous madness of modern life, the frenchman gaspard is transferred to a famous park to swim in the lake, in which the building material sees a charming man appears on the coast.
    Director: noel alejandro cast: yann andré, vic valentine, pierre emo, river wilson
    Votes: 75
    27. Intruders (2018)
    28. The son of his companion (video, 2014)
    115 min for parents, drama, melodrama
    Director: nika noel cast: ricky larkin, aaron slate, brad calvo, axel flint
    Votes: 16
    29. Taxi zum klo (1980)
    Not rated 98 min comedy, drama, melodrama
    Frank ripplo is a scoundrel: he is a shaggy, bearded teacher, gay who will lead a very active intimate existence, and is interested in making films. He keeps his intimate life separate from his ... View full resume »
    Director: frank ripplo cast: frank ripplo, bernd broaderup, orfa termin, peter farney
    Votes: 1658
    30. Sweat (2018)
    24 min short, grown-up
    When mullen opened the door to let kristen into his private apartment, he decided he was just helping a friend of a friend who needed a short break. Because the so-called "emergency" visit becomes ... View full resume »
    Director: noel alejandro stars: jesse charif, parker marks
    Votes: 134
    31. Repair (2018)
    15 min short, comedy, drama
    From one accidental engagement to another, francisco confronts with his own body.
    Director: fabio leal stars: fabio leal, mariah teixeira, paulo cesar freire, everton frederic hermani
    Votes: 68
    32. Come in refugee (2017)
    22 min short, adult drama
    Mounif, a young syrian, leaves a refugee camp to roam the streets of berlin. He will discover for the player a state-city that seems alien to him. He is sent on a cruise where he will be asked to discover outer dangers and inner desires.
    Director: bruce la bruce cast: ruben litzky, jesse charif, jorgetheobscene, florian hetz
    Votes: 130
    33. Adonis (2017)
    Unrated 97 min drama
    Ke is a young man who is an actor in the peking opera. He decides to take up acting and soon becomes a commercial sex worker for the stronger sex.
    Director: scud cast: adonis he, susan yam-yam shaw, nora miao, amanda lee
    Votes: 222
    34. Doing elliot (2016)
    21 min short, adult, drama
    A day of real passion unfolds as thomas rings elliot's doorbell, then to fetch his lost passport.
    Director: noel alejandro stars: cyril, tristan
    Votes: 85
    35. Serodiscordantes (2019)
    27 min short film, fantasy
    A virus is always an unwanted guest. However, in case he arrives, you are more interested in making room for him. Consumed with guilt, miguel did his best to keep evaristo out of the job, and he... View full resume »
    Director: noel alejandro stars: alejandria cinque, cachorro lozano
    Votes: 156
    36. The cable guy (2016)
    16 min short, adult
    Classic is no accident classic.Take the good old story about the cable guy fixing something in your apartment that looks damn hot and mix it with realistic touches that are biting and heavy.. See full cv »
    Director: noel alejandro stars: cj michaels, matthew anders
    Votes: 70
    37. Fasting (video 2014)
    165 min adult, drama
    The emotionally distant, sex-hungry youngster from the buenos aires headquarters seems unable to rid himself of an endless desire for more. He wanders the black streets - yearning for this touch - ... View full resume »
    Director: marcelo briem stamm cast: jonathan more, michael america, nico tomiar, rocco grant
    Votes: 116
    38. Brazilian carnival (2016)
    20 min short
    This is a film about the carnival in rio de janeiro with bodies dancing, talking and freaking out. The city becomes a jungle, and absolutely everything is allowed. It's a blatant penis carnival... View full resume »
    Director: antonio da silva stars: driggu, daniel sanchez
    39. Eloy & beal (2013)
    25 min short, parenting drama
    Two youngsters explore an empty suburban home and experience a moment of unbridled passion.
    Director: noel alejandro stars: eloy guzman, bill vila
    Votes: 123
    40. The equation of the unknown (1980)
    Unrated 99 min adult, drama, romance
    This long-lost gay erotic movie masterpiece centers on a handsome young stud who wants to ride his own motorcycle through a variety of relevant encounters, from a football match locker room to a dreamy... View full resume »
    Director: francis savel cast: gianfranco longhi, jean-jacques loupmont, reinhard montz, eric guadagnan
    41. Training (video, 2015)
    82 min adult, drama
    Daniel (river taylor) is a deeply withdrawn, homeless, 20-year-old street urchin from a working-class neighborhood in buenos aires, argentina. He has not yet had sex with another man, but he is dreaming...