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Furniture Shop Has Its Address at a House, Can It Be Trusted?

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    October 19, 2022 4:00 PM EDT

    If a furniture shop has its address at a house, you can trust it or avoid it based on the evidence you find about its authenticity. Nevertheless, you can confidently shop for furniture from the Buona furniture store in Toronto online or visit its physical showroom in Markham, GTA. If you don’t know about the legal requirements for running a furniture store, you should know about them. The following are the license requirements to run your furniture shop from a house or your home:

    1. General business license, which the furniture shop owner will need to obtain from the city or county.
    2. Professional license which home-based businesses need to acquire from the state or province while contacting the state’s or province’s business office.
    3. Health and safety permits are specifically required from the local fire department and health departments, respectively for home-based businesses that may need an inspection.
    4. A sign permit if the furniture store business owner decides on using a sign to advertise its business.
    5. Sales tax license, which will probably be a part of the general business license in some areas.

    These are the things you need to look for to determine the authenticity of a furniture shop that runs a furniture business from home.

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