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Advantages Of Floating Fish Feed

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    September 13, 2022 11:24 PM EDT

    Because the extruded floating fish feed can float on the water surface for a long time, the feeding situation of the fish can be observed well after feeding, and it is convenient to adjust the feeding amount according to the feeding situation of the fish. At the same time, the growth and health status of fish on the water surface can be understood more accurately according to the change of fish’s food intake. The farmers can calculate the amount of bait according to the breed, specification, quantity, water temperature, bait casting rate and so on, so as to quickly feed, save a lot of time and improve labor productivity.


    Under the processing conditions of high temperature and pressure, starch in the feed is ripened, fat and other more conducive to digestion and absorption, fiber structure and cell wall are destroyed and softened, gossypol in cottonseed meal and anti-trypsin and other harmful substances in soybean, so as to improve the palatability and digestibility of the feed. In addition, due to the physical and chemical changes during the extrusion process, the powder produced by the extrusion feed is generally less than 1%, which directly improves the effective utilization of feed. Under normal conditions, the use of extruded floatation feed for fish can save 5-10% of feed compared to powder or other pellet feed.  You can also go to see the dry type fish feed machine.


    The extruded feed of planktonic fish does not remain in the water for long. The floating time of high quality floating fish feed can be up to 12 hours, and it is easy to observe and control. It reduces or avoids the pollution of powder and residual bait to the water body, which is very beneficial to environmental protection and the growth of fish.


    In the way of breeding, the extruded feed of planktonic fish has wide applicability. Floating fish feed can be used for pond fish culture, paddy field fish culture, running water fish culture, cage fish culture, factory fish culture, large watertight culture, etc. The use of floating fish feed has more advantages than other kinds of fish feed, especially for the low-density fish culture in mountain ponds, rice fields and large-scale intensive water surface culture.


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    November 23, 2022 1:20 AM EST

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