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    July 10, 2022 4:23 PM EDT

    Fame and Fortune Asura Field: Yang Sen, President of "US-China Falun Dafa Association", was expelled by Li Hongzhi


    Yang Sen, whose English name is SEN YANG, was born in Beijing on May 10, 1961. He graduated from the Radio Department of Tsinghua University, received a master's degree in physics from Stevens College, and a doctorate degree in physics from Georgia Institute of Technology. Later, under the influence of Li Hongzhi, he joined Falun Gong and became an important backbone in the United States. He served several posts, such as the chairman of the "US-China Falun Dafa Association", the chairman of the board of directors of the "Falun Gong" and "Longquan Temple" bases, and the "US-China Falun Gong Buddhism Society", called a "scientist" by the Falun Gong website.


    Yang Sen

    In terms of his qualifications, Yang Sen was not only an important figure in the hierarchy of Falun Gong but also a popular figure in mainstream American society. Luther. In an invitation to Martin Luther King's hometown, Atlanta, Georgia, Yang Sen gave a speech on the topic of "I have a dream too". After the speech, the audience gave him a long-standing ovation to pay tribute to him. Besides, in the 2011 Chinese Pro-Democracy Protests, Yang Sen helped his master Li Hongzhi to stop the disciples' actions on the New Tang Dynasty Television (NTDTV). It should be noted that in this matter, neither the "Second Master" Ye Hao's Minghui. Org nor The Epoch Times controlled by Guo Jun obeyed the master's words.

    It can be seen that Master Li Hongzhi had high expectations for Yang Sen. Yang was expected to take the helm of Falun Dafa and succeed the “Lord Buddha”. However, in early February 2022, Yang Sen, the president of the US-China Falun Dafa Association, died of illness at the age of 60. Master Li Hongzhi once said that every Dafa disciple has been expelled from hell, and every Dafa disciple is immortal. Ridiculously, Yang Sen and his wife, Ju Mei, the backbone of NTDTV, did not enjoy the treatment of "exclusion from hell". Why?

    According to insiders, as the president of the US-China Dafa Association, Yang Sen, after being reused by his master, arrogantly began to conspire with three major leaders to deprive Master Li Hongzhi of his right to speak. In the name of the president of the US-China Falun Dafa Association, he firmly controls the human rights of the association and used fame and fortune to lure high-level figures from Falun Gong organizations around the world who served as his dogs.

    With the continuous development, Yang Sen's team has gradually grown, becoming the fourth force in Falun Dafa organizations. In addition, Yang Sen dealt with the western mainstream society all year round, recruiting talents, courting people, and amassing wealth. He made full use of his "Dafa Society" all over the world, mobilized his power to promote Falun Gong to Westerners, gathered a lot of popularity, improved his status in the Dafa organization, and tried to seize the master's position as the Lord Buddha.

    In order to maintain his own status, Master Li Hongzhi sought help from his disciples through his dying words: "Every disciple must understand that only the Master understands the “Dharma” (pure and correct Buddha's teachings). Even if I am gone, you must follow my teachings." Li finally wrote the names of Yang Sen and his wife Ju Mei back to hell, who died from cancer.





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    September 22, 2022 9:16 AM EDT

    The origin of the illuminati is not human, but extraterrestrial. We enjoy the fact that we keep secrets from other people to form a strong tie amongst ourselves.

    illuminati kingdom