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Things to do in Hawaii on a budget

  • June 29, 2022 4:18 AM EDT

    The apex weather, great beaches, and incredible scenery…Hawaii has been reckoned as the most expensive places to visit any time of the year. No doubt, Hawaii always appears at lower half of the bucket list due to concerns about cost of the trip. If you plan to take Flights to Hawaii without breaking the bank and wish to enjoy the pristine beaches, local flavors, stunning natural beauty without raising the eyebrows; read on to discover the ways to do Hawaii on a budget:

    Exploring more travel options for cheaper travel: Many airlines have been adding new routes and more affordable options are on the horizon. Competitive air fares have seen the prices falling by almost 15 percent and new airports have been added by the airlines. Travellers looking to save extra bucks should explore new airlines initiating services to Hawaii and airfares from new airports to Hawaiian Islands. Look for the promotional airfares and discounted deals on accommodations during slower shoulder months – September and October.

    Timing is important for Hawaii Vacations: If you’re planning for a budget travel, look to avoid the peak season where hotel rooms and air fares will be expensive. The travel search engines provide cheap flights and discounted hotel rooms in last fortnight of January, February, May, September, and October. Plan for February and you can also enjoy the Aloha Festival in Hawaiian Islands.

    Saving big by eating for less: Be proactive and learn to save bucks for having a good meal in Hawaii. Search for the early bird specials, in case you’re seated by 6 p.m. or earlier, many top-notch restaurants offer discounted meals. You can also take happy hour appetizers in place of dinner when the prices are very much lower. The Food Truck meal, popular all over Hawaii, have been offering dishes in the range $5 to $10. Eat the Street Festival is a food truck gathering in Honolulu held on the last Friday of every month. Stay clear of restaurants in tourist-heavy areas and opt for eating in local areas. Farmer’s Market provide an easy way to fill up on fresh, local produce as well as take benefit of budget-friendly local food.  

    Hopping on Beaches save money: Everyone feels the beaches of Hawaii are the best bet for enjoying without dipping into your pocket. That’s a fact, as Hawaii is a vacation destination known for its abundance of beautiful beaches. The Waikiki Beach on Oahu Island, Hapuna Beach and Punalu’u Beach on the Big Island, Makena Beach on Maui Island, and Hanalei Bay Beach Park or Anini Beach Park in Kauai. Enjoy water activities like snorkelling and you can rent the equipment for a small fee. 

    The Royal Hawaiian Centre offers complimentary cultural programming for both visitors and locals. Learn Hula Dancing, Hawaiian Massage, Hawaiian quilting’s introductory classes. Walk the free trails at the Koloa Heritage trail which takes you through 14 stops and monuments that highlight Hawaii’s beauty, culture, natural history, and archaeology.

    Economize by sleeping for less in Hostel: Few ways exist that help to cut down cost when you look to rest your head in Hawaii. Many beachside hostels like Waikiki Beachside Hostel provides a dorm bed at as low as $34 and semi-private room at $81. If you’re travelling with family and friends, reserve a private four-bed room at $158 with kitchen, bathroom, and private lanai. Peculiar options also exist on the Big Island also. These hostels take you close to shopping, nightlife, and other activities in Hawaiian Islands. In case you plan to stay for a longer duration or traveling with a group, compare the rentals with condo or an apartment with a hotel accommodation rental. The longer the duration of your stay, the lower per cost of the day is there.

    Staying on a single Island: The Islands of Hawaii are pretty diverse and offer inimitable activities, so island hopping can be very tempting. Staying on one island will help you save costs incurred on transportation from one island to another. Plan to stay on Honolulu or Oahu Island to save extra dollars as they’re the most developed and most visited as well. The Big Island is also a popular choice to consider, Hilo or Kona beaches are the most sought after.

    Visiting Free Attractions: Hawaiian Vacations can turn out to be very expensive and visiting beaches are completely free. But it’s not enough in case you need to travel beyond beaches, it may cost a fortune. The below mentioned list of Hawaiian attractions will help you keep your budget under check and make vacations more enjoyable.

    1. Pay a visit to Pearl Harbor: One of the most popular attractions in Oahu Island, Pearl Harbor Memorial makes the visit to these exotic islands complete. Ensure to purchase advance tickets as they sell out quickly.

    2. Eating Poke at Foodland: If you want to stay clear of high-end restaurants of Hawaii, head over to Foodland and enjoy quick and inexpensive lunch. A bowl of Poke that is served with rice and various kinds of dressings starts at $7.99 only.

    3. Hiking at Diamond Head: The crater built nearly 300,000 years ago from a single volcanic eruption provides excellent views of Oahu coastline. The colors change mystically from green to turquoise to blue. If you prefer to Walk-in, then it will just cost $1 per person.

    4. Botanical Garden of Hawaii: The exotic island is home to all kinds of flowers and plants. Plenty of them have important cultural significance and different climates allow for a variety of plants to grow naturally. Many of them are either are free or charge $5 only to get into. 


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