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Letsgiveitaspin on High Stakes Poker

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    June 28, 2022 4:06 AM EDT

    The new season of High Stakes Poker debuted a couple of nights ago. Much to my surprise there was a slots streamer on there, Kim "Letsgiveitaspin" Hultman.

    I'd heard of the name, but never seen any content of his. Fair play to the guy for getting on the most iconic poker show of all time and putting up $100k to sit with decent players and have some fun. (Who says streaming slots doesn't pay                   </div>
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    June 28, 2022 7:06 AM EDT

    And I play poker to make money, not to have fun.

  • June 28, 2022 7:07 AM EDT

    The number of chips a player has determines many of his decisions. Greater depth allows you to use hands with "long" equity - they are not strong in preflop all-ins, but when they hit the right boards, they turn into monsters. And with shallow stacks, preflop ranges shift towards hands that are strong in shoving. These are aces, broadway cards, pocket pairs. I've been playing on for several years now, ever since it opened, and I win the most using a deep stack strategy - in tournament poker it's not much different from cash games.