5 Romantic Places for Couples in Rome

  • June 27, 2022 8:20 AM EDT

    Rome is undoubtedly one of the most romantic cities in Italy, and perhaps the whole world. With the exquisite architecture, the people, the food, the wine, the music, the sweet fragrance…literally everything emanates romance. The people of Italy are known for their love and passion, and it’s hard not to get swept up in the romance and emotion of the Romans when you visit with someone you love. If you're a couple who enjoys history and art, looking for opportunities to experience romance, Rome is the best choice for having indulgent break filled with wine and fine dining. 

    Travelling to Rome can be overwhelming at times, so Book Cheap Flights to Rome soon enough before they run out. Plan your travel to romantic attractions in a way that you remain motivated and enthusiastic at all times. So, here we enlist the coolest things to do while you Book a Flight to romantic city of Rome:

    Make a wish come true at the Trevi Fountain: If you have plans to truly indulge in romance during your stay in Rome, ensure a visit to the magnificent Trevi fountain together is on your to-do list. This magical water feature is one of the most-visited sites by tourists who come Rome, and is a particular favorite for couples. You might have heard that tossing a coin into the fountain ensures that you will return to Rome, which is certainly worth doing if you and your partner are relishing your time in the city. But the tradition also vindicates that throwing three coins into the Trevi fountain with a special one can lead to marriage, which certainly won’t hurt your chances if you have long term romantic plans!

    Cherish a performance at Teatro dell’Opera di Roma: This is one of the finest opera venues in Europe and the finest destination for a romantic night of culture. The Opera’s interior is plushy decorated with gilding, velvet seats, an ornate chandelier and Renaissance frescoes, and it’s an exotic venue to get dressed up with your partner for a grand night out. Plenty of romantic operas and ballet performances are held in the Teatro dell’Opera, so if you’re a fanatic of either music or dance you’re sure to find tickets to something spectacular. For a romantic evening you’ll ever like to remember, a visit to the Teatro dell’Opera is a must.

    Romantic moments at Aventine Hill: The city of Rome has seven famous hills and some of the best views can be found from the Aventine Hill, which is the southernmost hill in the city. Known to be one of the most romantic places in Rome because it offers peace and serenity away from the rest of the city, and is a perfect spot to take a picnic with your partner. If you plan to visit the Aventine Hill, then the best romantic spot is the Giardino Degli Aranci (Orange Garden) where you can get a sunny spot on the grass or find a bench on the terrace that fends for best views of the city of Rome. With the sweet fragrance of citrus in the air and astonishing views of the city, remember to bring a basket of food and a bottle of wine and enjoy a breezy afternoon or come and watch the sunset together.


    Discover the Vatican Museums: The independent city-state situated in the center of Rome is known as the Vatican City. It is one of Italy’s most popular attractions and is an excellent place to spend a romantic afternoon with your special one soaking up the history and art of the Vatican Museums. It’s the lavish architecture and mesmerizing decor that makes Vatican such a romantic place, letting an elegant and almost dreamlike atmosphere that is perfect for a vacation filled with romance. There is a great multitude of different galleries and buildings to explore in the Vatican Museums, offering excellent masterpieces everywhere you turn. Your amazing stop will be the incredible Sistine Chapel, abode to artist Michelangelo’s heavenly frescoes. It’s a crazy thought not to be moved by the beauty and scale of the works of Vatican, offering a perfect finale to your romantic museum trip.

    Romantic cruise on the Tiber River: If you wish to experience the real piece of Rome romance, take the one you love on a river cruise down the Tiber. Cherish the rolling views of the city from the mystical river as a unique sightseeing experience, passing under some of Rome’s most famous bridges and floating past iconic landmarks such as St Peter’s Basilica. There is a great range of several riverboat cruises available in the city of Rome, with many different romantic tour options including cruises with dinner, live music or complimentary wine. For the utmost romantic Rome experience, make reservations for your boat cruise at sunset and watch as the sky turns golden above you and the city becomes silhouetted against the sky.

    With above set of delightful sights, we’re sure will make you Book Cheap Airline Tickets to Rome as soon as possible. Once you’ve read out this article, it’s a simple choice of where to head to while you’re in the city of Rome. So, book cheap flights to Rome with 247Traveltechinc and live up the dream of visiting Rome. 

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