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Each camp will have a jackpot that is Dofus Kamas

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    November 16, 2019

    The passing will not be closing and if you lose your struggle against a Dofus participant of the alignment, you'll find yourself in the prison of their other city. You'll have choices to get out of the prison: cover a depositwait wisely and rely on the potatoes, or ask your classmates to come and help you by storming the city.

    Each camp will have a jackpot that is Dofus Kamas global that Dofus players will have to fuel by participating in the war attempt. The camp with the most significant amount of Dofus Kamas within their kitty at the end of the event will win the season of Temporis along with the affiliated awards that are exclusive.

    Like each season, successes will be attainable in order to win Tempotons. These can allow Dofus players to accumulate rewards to be moved to Dofus game servers at the event's end. These benefits will be decorative like attitudes, tackles, titles or ceremonial items. In the time of writing this news, we have not seen those awards' visuals.

    Two goals will be set within your personal goals but also this new season: the battle for your faction to recover Tempotons! Time will more, monitor the progress of Dofus players on the Dofus site. It will be possible to consult with the progress of the two enemy factions.

    When establishing version 2.52 in BETA, a new category of success can be discovered from the Dofus gamers: that of"Temporis III". We knew for days, months to not mention, this event would return without imagining the Buy Kamas Dofus Retro theme of these , well practically. Indeed, via the hunt for success in the associated interface, it was possible to see some successes related to this particular new Season of Temporis and those worried:Achievement of Alignment Quests, and related order quests.Search and capture City Search Notice (Gobrechaun, Vashkiwi, Darma, Jerart Dupaindur etc.. )Defeat the guardians of the dungeons of Frigost.

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