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When it's difficult to PoE currency

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    July 20, 2019

    When it's difficult to PoE currency wrap your head around, consider this example. Throughout the 30-ish moments that I have, I wish to find a secret to link this room to an adjoining room so I start building a path up into the Central Chambers.

    But I also wish to kill the breeding grounds . In achievement at both objectives, the area is linked but also transformed into a Poison Garden. Within my ten incursions, I input the Poison Gardens therefore the Poison Garden architect upgrades the room to tier 33, two times and every time kill the competing architect.

    Because I upgraded the Poison Garden to grade three, when I finally visit the Buy POE RMT temple in the present dayI find every room covered in deadly poison plants that make running the temple significantly harder.

    Butif I survive long enough to make it I find a unique shield awaiting me that I can not get anyplace else. "But you can always control how hard it's because you've crafted the temple yourself. If you don't want a challenge, then do not update all the rooms to grade three."