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    Mobs utilize a telegraph system fortnite weapons when they are going to unleash a major attack so dodging out of the red is essential, particularly later in game and when in dungeons. Thankfully, 1 button and a directional joystick make dodging enjoyable and relatively easy.... When you respond within time. After playing this game for two weeks though I've been slightly bored killing gray mobs. A whole lot of the quests I needed to pass on due to out leveling the story quest line quickly, being a completionist this was a tough habit to break.

    I ended up doing"grey mob" quests which yielded equipment I could use, not understanding what main story elements I ended up missing. On the other hand because the"Vanguard Quests" (dailies that yield pearls and rubies that may be traded in to NPCs to get a reasonably large amount of gold) are amount ranged based. In the higher end of this level closing out these dailies was comparatively simple for high profits.

    One approach to prevent this would be to not spend as much time killing the abundant amount of mobs in an area but to do the quests at the zone, in a focused fashion, and continue onto another zone.There are quests that lead you to dungeons that are experienced in a group. There are a number of dungeons and several of them have a tough mode for greater rewards. There is a built in instance matching (LFG) tool, but nearly all of the dungeons are leveled based, meaning the game doesn't do any degree scaling Fortnite Materials such as GW2, Rift, etc..

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