Latest Mini Power Tiller in India - Tractorgyan

  • A mini power tiller is a mobile farm hauler that is regularly utilized in wet puddle soil for pivoting or rotating development. A Power Tiller is the best choice for little and peripheral homesteads. The Power Tiller helps with soil arrangement, cultivating, planting, adding, and splashing supplements, herbicides, and water. It all the more really replaces creature power and helps in expanding interest for human work. It's a machine with a 1.5-hp to 15 hp motor that is intended to push or pull different rural hardware forward or in reverse. The Power Tiller supports soil planning, cultivating, planting, adding, and showering supplements, herbicides, and water.


     A rancher may promptly buy a power turner costing this much, making ranch tasks more productive and clear. Power Tiller price begins from 60k to 1.98 lakhs relying upon the organization and the drive that exists in the Power turner.