Add Unique Design to your Living Room

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    Texture area rugs and Cowhide area rugs are a great way to add unique design to your living room. Unlike flat-weave rugs, these textured rugs have varying textures to give your room an interesting effect. The fibers of these rugs are twisted to create lighter and darker areas, creating an effect that is both beautiful and unique. Texture rugs are perfect for high-traffic rooms, such as living rooms and hallways.


    A texture area rugs and cowhide area rugs is always preferred by interior stylists. Its varying feel is a reflection of the weavers' tireless work. This is one reason why texture rugs are so popular. Texture rugs are also durable and easy to clean. You can find textured rugs at several online retailers. You can even shop online for the most popular Area Rugs brands. Houzz is an excellent resource for home improvement projects, with thousands of expertly curated home design ideas and a comprehensive furniture store.


    A distressed oriental-inspired rug is an excellent option for a rustic look. Handmade in India, this rug features geometric designs and pale blue and cream tones. The material is 100% wool, making it naturally stain-resistant and durable. Its low pile height is ideal for high-traffic areas, and it can be used in rooms with floor heating. If you have a wooden floor, it's a good idea to use a rug pad underneath the rug to avoid slipping.


    Another great option for a textured rug is a solid-colored area rug. These rugs will fit in with any room's style and won't clash with your existing decor. You can find solid-colored rugs at DOCK86. They're great for a home office, craft room, or chat room. They help section off a cozy corner of your home. When paired with patterned rugs, they can enhance the overall look of the room and create an interesting background.


    Texture area rugs and Cowhide area rugs add a luxurious look to any room. They look amazing when layered on top of flat-pile carpet and are a great option for rooms with carpeting. For those on a budget, faux cowhide rugs are a great option. They have the same unique look and feel, but will cost you a fraction of the price of a cowhide rug. In addition to adding a luxurious touch to a room, cowhide rugs can be a great accent rug for hallways.


    When choosing an area rug, durability and comfort are the main factors. If the space you're planning on putting it in is a high-traffic area, a shag rug may not be the best choice. For everyday use, a durable rug is an excellent choice. These rugs are easy to maintain and clean. They also make rooms look warmer and are more inviting. In addition, they also add character and movement.


    Natural area rugs are also a great option for adding textural style to an ensemble. These natural rugs are made from jute and feature a 0.5-inch pile height. They are incredibly easy to clean, but should be paired with a rug pad to increase traction. A good quality natural area rug should last for years and will match many different types of decor. In addition to adding a subtle textural touch to your ensemble, natural area rugs can also be used as outdoor rugs.


    If you're not a huge fan of commitment, consider adding a few textured area rugs to your living room. These rugs add an instant pop of color and texture to any room, and they don't cost a lot. There are virtually endless options for color, pattern, and texture - and you can choose between plain and bold designs. And because they're made from different materials, they can be both beautiful and functional.


    A good rule of thumb for choosing an area rug is to choose one with a complementary color. A rug should not clash with the color of the wall-to-wall carpet. However, if you love a wall-to-wall carpet, go for a different color to compliment it. A good rule of thumb is to pick a color that compliments the existing color scheme. If you can't find something that complements the carpet color, you'll have a hard time making a decision.


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