Types Of Services Landscape Construction Include!

  • Landscaping is more than simply planting trees and shrubs and mowing lawns. It consists of various services like sod work, driveway interlocking, installing retaining walls, etc., helping you enhance your curb appeal. If you give this work to a trusted authority, it can also increase the value and functionality of your property.

    Read on to learn more about landscaping construction services!


    What Is Landscaping?


    People have been practicing landscaping for centuries. Far back, humans used to manipulate the land for both practical and aesthetic reasons. Landscaping includes the alterations to the existing terrain, installation of plants, and the creation of structures. At present, landscaping refers to the design, development, and maintenance of gardens that improve a home's aesthetic and provide a usable area for outside activities. If you need professional and reliable services, you can definitely go with Calgary landscaping construction.


    Types Of Landscape Construction Services




    Softscapes typically point out installations and landscaping services that involve plants and other organic materials like grass, shrubs, perennials, annuals, and more. It entails studying architecture, planning, and choosing an appropriate landscape design for estates and residences using a lawn, flower bed installations, yard, or garden.




    You need to change and evolve softscape elements. This is because the plants grow and adapt to their changing climate and other environmental conditions. The experts might recommend weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly management to maintain overall appeal and beauty. Softscape maintenance will comprise:

    • Planting

    • Weed removal

    • Mowing

    • Aerating

    • Fertilizing

    • Watering

    • Pruning

    • Trimming and more


    Plus, it'll also comprise the following features:


    • Lawn and yard

    • Vines, shrubs, and trees

    • Flowering plants and accent plants

    • Flower and garden beds




    Hardscaping comprises every type of structure and stonework like outdoor kitchens, fire pits and fireplaces, garden retaining walls, fencing, patios, pool deck, and more. Apart from this, it can also include water features such as dry riverbeds, fountains, waterfalls, etc.




    Hardscapes are the non-living, solid landscape elements that you can design as a part of your construction plan. Hardscape materials can even have effects on the environment. For instance, the porous materials allow water to soak into the soil. Plus, retaining walls and pavements can help reduce water runoff by preventing contaminants from flowing into streams. Other popular hardscape features include the following:

    • Retaining Walls: You may engage landscape construction experts to design and install attractive and practical retaining walls. They use natural stone, wood, and concrete wall blocks for creating your dream wall.

    • Interlocking Driveways: They are both long-lasting and attractive. Specialists in landscaping services can assist you in creating unique driveway designs that complement the aesthetic and architecture of your home.

    • Stonework: A property's look and utility are enhanced by high-quality masonry. It's low-maintenance, long-lasting, and adds to your home's curb appeal.

    • Sod Installation: Installing sod on a property helps create a lovely place by smoothing the surface. You may set this up anywhere to provide a fun and safe outdoor space for games and activities.


    Contractors who provide landscaping services can help you with landscape installation as well as landscape maintenance tasks. To name a few, they can include landscape design, gardening, mowing, hardscape installation, pest control, car washing, irrigation, and snow clearance. If you are caught inside your home because of snow during the chilled months of the year, opt for the best services for commercial snow removal in Calgary. Start by browsing the best companies on the internet, surf, and go with the one you find appealing. Check out their past customers' reviews and work accordingly. Acquire the landscape of your dreams with the value of your investment!