Five Recommendations for Royal Themed Korean Dramas

  • Korean dramas always come with unusual storylines and settings. Likewise, dramas with royal themes or can also be called sageuks. South Korea with all its historical stories, managed to package it beautifully in the form of drama.

    Below are five recommendations for royal-themed Korean dramas that you can use as viewing references. Especially for those of you who just love KDrama. The reason is, these dramas aired in 2007-2013. Although old school, the story is still fun to follow.

    1. The King and I (2007)

    The King and I tells the story of the impediment of the love relationship between the queen and her bodyguard. This drama is played by Goo Hye Sun as the queen and Oh Man Seok as a bodyguard.

    Due to caste differences, the two could not unite until finally the queen married someone she did not love. Unfortunately, they are determined to have an illicit relationship and make things worse.

    This drama really depicts loyalty to the point of being willing to sacrifice to make the people he loves happy. Even though it was painful for the bodyguard, he still tried his best to save the queen's life.

    2. Jejungwon (2010)

    No less interesting, Jejungwon is set in the medical world in the royal era. In addition to telling about the medical, it also contains a political element, namely the conflict between the Joseon kingdom when it was still under Japanese pressure.

    Interestingly, this drama shows the transition of medical development from conventional to modern. Exactly how about those who fought to establish the first modern hospital in Joseon.

    The main character of this drama is played by Han Hye Jin as a nurse named Yoo Seok Ran. His character is also described as a person who plays a role in the development of medicine in Joseon. One of them was the handling of chickenpox, which at that time was the first epidemic.

    Conflicts between doctors and outsiders who also intervene. Of course, this makes the storyline more complex, but it is full of knowledge about the development of the medical world in South Korea, specifically the Joseon Dynasty.

    3. Sungkyunkwan Scandal (2010)

    This drama is played by Park Min Young as Yoon Hee. He is told as a girl who pretends to be a boy to replace her sister taking the national exam. It is known that at that time only men were allowed to study.

    After graduating, he also studied at Sungkyunkwan and befriended several men who eventually became a gang with him. There are also actors who also play a role in this drama, including JYJ's Yoochun, Yoo Ah In and Song Joong Ki.

    4. Rooftop Prince (2012)

    Again, played by JYJ's Yoochun as the king, Rooftop Prince was also full of comedy. Rooftop Prince tells the story of how the cunning of the royal age is revealed when the King suddenly comes to the future.

    Likewise, Bak Ha, played by Han Ji Min, is the reincarnation of Hong Bo Young who turns out to be King Lee Gak's mate. The two meet in the future to uncover betrayals committed against the king in the past.

    The funny thing is, this drama managed to churn the stomach because of the unexpected scenes and not only the royal setting. There are also supporting players who play an important role, namely the three soldiers who always accompany the king into the future. Very suitable for those of you who want to watch colossal dramas that are light and full of comedy.

    5. Jang Ok Jung, Live by Love (2013)

    The figure of Jang Ok Jung is played by Kim Tae Hee. This drama has a fairly heavy conflict. If you want to watch, you should be focused and ready to understand the story.

    Even so, this drama is still a pity to miss. Jang Ok Jung, Live by Love tells the story of the betrayal of a woman who was forced to become the king's concubine because she couldn't become the queen. This is due to their low social status.

    Other than that, this drama is full of value. Described by the hard work of Jang Ok Jung, who was originally a commoner to be able to sit on the royal throne. Even though it has no happy ending, this drama, which is also played by Yoo Ah In, is a pity to miss.

    Of the five dramas above, have you watched any? If not, add it to your watch list now. Besides being full of historical stories, there are many life lessons that can be taken as well, you know.


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