Here's the latest 2022 Thai film that is most awaited

  • The latest Thai film 2022 is much awaited by fans. The latest Thai film 2022 can also be enjoyed while on vacation with family. Curious what are the latest Thai films in 2022? Launching from various sources, Sunday (17/7/2022), here are the 5 newest Thai films in 2022 that you should watch. Here's the review.

    Latest Thai Movies 2022

    1. Ai Love You

    The first recommendation for the latest Thai film 2022 is Ai Love You. This film is a story that reunites two famous Thai stars, namely Mario Maurer and Baifern Pimchanok. If you remember, the two of them starred in the movie Crazy Little Things Called Love, which was once viral. This time, they will compete acting as two people who fall in love with each other.

    However, the storyline is quite interesting, which tells the story of Dob, an artificial intelligence (AI) who then turns to have feelings like humans. Dob then gets into the body of a man named Bobby. It is here that he then expresses his love for Lana. Bobby himself is Lana's lover who previously had a pretty bad attitude as a boyfriend.

    2. Cracked

    Second, there is Cracked as a recommendation for the latest Thai film which was just released in mid-April 2022. Interestingly, again this film features a Korean idol, Nichkhun 2PM. Because this film is a collaboration between several countries in Asia, namely Thailand, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan. This film has a horror genre that will make goosebumps and tense at the same time.

    From the synopsis, Cracked tells the story of the mystery of a painter's painting that turns out to have a magical aura. The story begins when Ruja gets an inheritance from his father who is a painter. Ruja then accepts the woman's painting and is about to sell it. This was done for the medical expenses of his sick daughter. However, it was unexpected that the painting made him receive a number of terrible terrors.

    3. Fast Feel & Love

    Fast Feel & Love is the latest Thai film to be aired in 2022. This film also managed to score a fairly high rating on the IMDb version of 7.4. An action comedy and drama genre, this film tells the story of a world champion athlete who is heartbroken by the abandonment of his girlfriend. However, because of the incident, he finally matured and struggled to get out of the problem.

    As an athlete who is a world champion in sports stacking, of course, he must be able to survive to compete again in big competitions. He also divides his time for matters of love and training as a sports stacking athlete.

    4. Remember 15

    Furthermore, there is Remember 15, which is the latest Thai film in the 2022 horror and mystery genre that will make you pound with each other watching each episode. This film tells the story of 12 people who receive a mysterious message from their friend named Lyla. However, Lyla is known to have died by suicide. From the message they were asked to go to the island where Lyla committed suicide.

    As a result, they then went there to reveal who had sent the message through Lyla's number. After deciding to go to the island, there was a lot of terror and unexpected events.

    5. Love Destiny: The Movie

    Finally, Love Destiny is the latest Thai film in 2022. This film is based on the romance genre, played by Pope Thnawat Wattanaputi and Bella Ranee Campen. Previously, the same theme film had also been shown in 2018. Where in this film still tells and survives with the main characters played by Pope Thnawat Wattanaputi and Bella Ranee Campen.

    Meanwhile, the storyline is different from this film directed by Ping Adisorn Trisirikasem. The film Love Destiny has been out since May 2022.

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