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The Heartbreaking Facts of the Valkyrie in Thor: Love and Thund

  • Thor: Ragnarok has introduced Valkyrie Tessa Thompson to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Back then, the Valkyries were brought in by Thor as some of the most honorable and valiant warriors Asgard has to offer.

    However, the current Valkyrie Thompson is far from her first image when introduced to the audience. Originally introduced as a superhero, he is now a drunken destroyer who kidnaps newcomers in Sakaar and sells them to the Grandmaster.

    It wasn't long ago that it was revealed that he was the last Valkyrie and the trauma of the past had led him down the evil path he is today. Fans have been given a glimpse of what happened to Valkyrie in the previous series and Movies release information.

    Now Thor: Love and Thunder takes a deeper dive into this, and what this woman means to the Valkyrie.


    Valkyries in Thor: Ragnarok

    In Thor: Ragnarok, it is revealed that the Valkyries were sent to fight Hela. However, the Goddess of Death actually killed them all, apart from the Valkyrie that Thompson had brought. The Goddess of Death was actually haunted by death as well but another Valkyrie saved her, and in doing so, Hela killed her.

    There's plenty of subtext to read about what this Valkyrie means to Thompson's character. Many assumed they had some sort of romantic relationship, as it was revealed there was a scene in Ragnarok that confirmed Valkyrie's bisexuality.

    In  Film Thor: Láska jako hrom cz dabing, it was confirmed that the woman who saved the Valkyrie was his girlfriend. While Valkyrie and Korg watch Jane and Thor reconnect, the two discuss love, with Korg talking about how his father had him.

    This prompts Korg to ask if the Valkyrie can be more serious about being in a relationship with someone or not. However, he himself wasn't sure there was anything more serious for him, regardless of whether that was what he wanted. 

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    Heartbreaking facts

    From here, Korg thought the Valkyrie's fickleness was due to a heartbreaking fact with him and his former girlfriend.

    Thompson said that his brother had a heartbreaking story with an ex-girlfriend before. Especially about his relationship with the King of Asgard. Case in point, when Gorr captured him and the others, he showed how the other Valkyries died in the name of the gods, so in his eyes, they died in vain.

    From the look on Thomson Valkyrie's face, you can tell how disappointed he is with the Asgardian Royal family in Thor: Ragnarok. He held all members of the Asgardian Empire responsible for the loss of his family and loved ones.

    But he tries to forget about that because he not only trusts Thor, but he is now the leader Asgard needs. Despite this, the pain caused by the Valkyrie gods and the loss of his girlfriend still haunts him.

    In fact, Valkyrie still has hope of being able to meet her boyfriend and sister again in Valhalla.

    When she talks to Jane about jumping back into battle, Valkyrie explains that she loves being a King but in her heart, she will always be a warrior.

    Thor: Love and Thunder continues to explore how its characters deal with grief during their time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

    For a Valkyrie, she had grown a lot since Ragnarok. However, Entertainment news the sadness over his girlfriend is still there.


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