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Thor: Love and Thunder decides to join the Guardians of the Gal

  • Thor: Love and Thunder is the fourth Thor saga featuring Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) as Mighty Thor. This film tells the story of Thor after he is no longer king of Asgard and decides to join the Guardians of the Galaxy.

    Not only that, in the story of Thor's journey, there are quite a number of lessons that can be learned as reminders in living life. Here are some of them you need to know.

    1. Nobody is born evil, they are born from bad experiences and deep disappointments

    A snippet from the story in the latest Thor: Láska jako hrom online film , illustrates that villains are not born as truly evil people. They mostly appear as villains because they have a bad past or experience.

    This also applies not only to the Thor films, but to several Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) films, such as Thanos. Therefore, never disappoint or make a good person hurt because in the future, he will be mean to you.

    2. Small problems can have a big impact if not resolved immediately

    This one may be a bit cliché. However, from the many life lessons that exist, we are always reminded to immediately solve problems before they become big.

    Not only in a film, this important message is often conveyed in everyday life. Apart from problems, getting things done is also applicable to work and other tasks.

    3. True love is timeless

    If examined, the film Thor: Love and Thunder also focuses on telling the love story between Thor and Jane. The figure of Jane who becomes Mighty Thor evokes Thor's love for longing for the presence of a partner in his life.

    Long separated, they finally met. They confess their undeniable feelings.

    4. To be great, you have to feel worthy and believe first

    Have you ever heard that belief can make someone look great? Well, this film also tries to tell this through the war between children and shadow criminals.

    Kids feel unworthy and can't fight criminals because they don't have power. Thor advised that when we believe in something, then it can be a strength for ourselves.

    5. Sometimes, people who behave badly just need attention, love, and affection

    Problem solving in this film is very simple. The point is, because it tells about love and affection, even a criminal who is born from a sense of disappointment, actually only needs love itself.

    When he got what he wanted, everything turned into peace and the realization that what he had done all this time was a mistake. You can also try to do the same thing, by repaying evil with good, especially through love and compassion.

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    Those are life lessons that can be learned from the movie Thor: Love and Thunder. Don't forget to watch the latest Marvel movie at your favorite cinema, OK!


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