How Many Days Does It Take To Implant A Tooth

  • People have dental implants for a variety of reasons. Some people seek implants to repair lost teeth or to help them keep or eliminate dentures. Others may require an implant to replace a tooth that has been pulled lately due to decay, gum disease, infection, or damage. In rare circumstances, a tooth can be pulled and an implant inserted immediately to fill the gap. The length of therapy varies according to the type of implant surgery used. The number of implants used, where they are put in the mouth, and if bone grafting is necessary can all have an impact on how long treatment takes. The time it takes to install the implant and replace the teeth might be affected by a variety of variables. Many dentists are assisting with dental implant surgery Newport Beach


    Examine your teeth

    Before beginning any procedure, your dentist will want to arrange a full checkup to properly assess the health of your mouth. This may involve X-rays and, in some cases, 3D scans. Even though your dentist is highly familiar with your mouth, this stage is required to establish that the condition of your gums and jawbone is adequate to sustain an implant, as well as to build the optimal treatment plan for you.


    Surgery for Implants

    Following the completion of the full test, your dentist will schedule you for surgery. The surgical procedure is the true initial stage in the implant procedure. The titanium implant will be placed in your jaw bone, just below the gums, by your dentist. Each implant is normally implanted in around 1-2 hours during this operation. After this stage is completed, most dentists would recommend a three-month delay before doing the full restoration of the tooth replacement. This may appear to be inconvenient, but the healing phase is critical to the success of the dental implant process. Allow enough time for the implant to integrate into the bone so that it can support your ultimate restoration.


    Post-Surgery Recuperation

    Some patients will have swelling, bruising, or soreness following surgery. This can vary depending on how much work your dentist had to do to put the implant, especially if a tooth had to be extracted as part of the process. The time interval between your implant procedure and the fitting of your crown is critical. The amount of time depends on how quickly your gums and bones recover. This healing process lasts around three months on average.


    Crown Fitting & Abutment

    After your implant has healed, the next stage is the less invasive surgery of attaching the abutment and crown to the implant. An abutment is a tiny shock absorber that is inserted between the implant and the permanent crown. This stage frequently entails exposing the gums in order to secure the implant for a properly fitted abutment and crown. Once the abutment is in place, your new artificial crown may be fitted by dentist Newport beach, and the dental implant procedure is complete.