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Best Pregnancy Clothes to Deal with the Scorching Heat of SG

  • As the temperature soars, the discomfort also rises. The hot and humid weather can add to the troubles of pregnant women. Pregnancy, for many women, is an uncomfortable time. With the growing bump, digestion problems, aching limbs, nausea, and what not, it’s already a challenge. Now when you add the weather problems to it, it just magnifies the discomfort.


    This is why you need comfortable clothes during pregnancy. Modern maternity clothes are made from gentle and breathable fabrics, giving you superior comfort. Thus, they are ideal for wearing even when the weather is hot and humid.

    What to wear in the scorching Singapore heat?

    Here are some tips for you to choose the best pregnancy clothes.


    1. Go for Maternity Overall Shorts.

    Shorts are very practical for wearing during the hot weather. If your baby bump means that you can no longer wear your regular shorts, go for the maternity overall shorts. These shorts are designed to give a comfortable fit to pregnant women.

    Pair your maternity overall shorts with comfy pregnancy tops. Go for sleeveless or short-sleeve styles for more comfort during the heat. Get these tops in breathable fabrics to feel light and airy even as the temperature rises.


    • Skirts are Also a Great Option.

    Maternity skirts that reach up to your knees not only look great but also feel comfortable. The black maternity skirt is a versatile piece of clothing that you can style as you want. You can easily pair it with a blouse for work and a breezy pregnancy top for a more casual look. It can also be styled with a tank top.


    • Get Yourself a Nursing Midi Dress.

    Midi dresses in cotton or other light fabrics define comfort. They are just the right length, and this makes them a favourite among women. A nursing midi dress is more suitable for pregnant women and nursing mothers. It will give a good fit without being tight over the baby bump.


    • Choose the Right Swimwear.

    The hot weather calls for a dip in the pool. Don’t worry if your pregnant body does not fit into your regular swimwear anymore. With swimwear for pregnant ladies, you can now enjoy pool time in a comfortable swimsuit. This two-piece swim suit is extremely comfortable, provides good coverage, and falls smoothly over your baby bump.


    With these choices in pregnancy clothes, you can get better comfort in the scorching heat. However, don’t forget to get comfortable innerwear, too. Pick up some nursing bras and nursing camisoles. They do not constrict like the regular bra and complement your pregnancy outfits well.


    We hope that with these tips, you will beat the heat in style!