They're weapons but Dofus Kamas

  • Remember Shushettes? They're weapons but Dofus Kamas they provide no stats at all until you buy one of these fragments and applied it on the Weapon then they would have stats depending upon the fragments placed.Similar to Smithmagic runes, Fragments of Shushu's soul are related to unique elements and, when applied to a Shushette,

    they give it added bonuses. Unlike Smithmagic runes, however, whenever you prefer, meaning your Shushette's bonuses can change before each fight they can be removed from and re-added to a weapon. Unequipping fragments is done by equipping lots of fragments surpassing the weapon's capability, which might or may not change with the necessary level.

    You can add as much as a fixed number of Fragments (how this is calculated for any given weapon is currently unknown) for a Shushette at a given time (NB: Five Minor Fragments of Shushu Soul could be inserted into the Kamas Dofus Retro For Sale level 50 weapon used for testing, but only one for any given stat.

    That is, you can not equip, say, two Vitality bonuses. Certain objects are'too powerful' to be added that a Fragment of Strike, in this case - into the weapon. Weapons appear to have different capacities too, even though the weapons are the exact same degree. Though they require level 50 to utilize.)