Highest-ever membership summit the OSRS gold

  • The appointments come as Jagex shows a further all-time high to the RuneScape franchise. RuneScape and Old School RuneScape joint attained their highest-ever membership summit the OSRS gold summer, with over 1.1 million runescape players. Additionally, Old School RuneScape saw a surge in popularity with daily users attaining their highest in the runescape game history. New content and sport modes for both names were recently declared, further enlarging the wealthy RuneScape fantasy world.

    "The massive talent we've managed to catch from across the industry, in development of course but across all parts of the company, is only one of the many highlights of 2019. In addition to hitting a number of records for best way to make money on runescape in its 19th year, the achievement of Old School Mobile on iOS and Android has been awesome, pioneering the complete MMO experience on cellular, achieving more than 8million supports, and winning both BAFTA and Develop awards. We're confident we can build on this with the launching of RuneScape Mobile, which launches in Early Access.

    "Thanks to all of the continuing support of our amazing community and the new runescape players coming into the RuneScape world, we're excited about the future of RuneScape and convinced from the teams at Jagex to keep on building a great location to work, not just from the runescape games sector but in almost any market, anywhere."