If you're looking to hold onto FIFA 20 Coins

  • If you're looking to hold onto FIFA 20 Coins a lead, you can use the same personnel but change to 4-2-3-1 Broad, which basically pulls both wide midfielders straight into traditional left and right wing positions. You will frustrate your opponent and you'll have lots of passing options to maintain possession when you steal the ball back.

    A versatile FIFA 19 formation with plenty of attacking effectiveness. Its left and right forward make it tick, and also in staff instructions you can tell them to drift wide, cut indoors, get in supporting, or fall back in a fictitious 9 role, which means it is easy to customise it to fit your personnel.

    It is also the perfect setup for taking benefit of buy FIFA Coins 20 finesse shot: if these broad forward can cut inside onto their more powerful foot, it is game over. If online opponents try to remove the inside lane, then simply burst down the wing and then push a cross in your striker. Don't be shocked if your midfielders flooding the box also.

    It is adaptable, so that you may use it if you need a goal or you are hanging onto a lead. Your left and right forwards can drop back and indicate resistance wing backs in the event that you need them to (simply edit their participant instructions), and also defensive-minded centre mids can make it tough to break . If you are not asking those broad forward to drop back, consider pulling the middle of the three midfielders back as a CDM to shield your defenders.